Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • prem_goel
    06-07 02:45 AM
    I think it's not wise to leave. I tried googling for h-1b transfer & leaving the country but didn't get much info. I think if a transfer is pending with USCIS then you shouldn't leave the country as it may be considered as abandonment of the application.

    i would advice to get it done under premium processing. i am not sure when the i-94 records are updated but if USCIS sees that you left India while the transfer is pending, they might issue you I-797 but with instructions to get it stamped at a consulate in India.

    just my thoughts..better try googling or ask some lawyer.

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  • indianabacklog
    06-10 12:48 PM
    You have the instructions since you quote them. Send exactly what they are asking for, i.e. the form, photos, copy of front and back of previous EAD and check to pay them.

    I would suggest you send separate checks if only to be able to get the case number from the back of them when they are cashed.

    The instructions clearly say make check payable to the Department of Homeland Security. I believe if you did write them to the USCIS they will still get cashed but follow the instructions.

    You seem to have it all under control. Have confidence in yourself and get the applications sent in.

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  • desighee
    02-25 02:28 PM
    In some states (like NJ), you need a letter from Social Security Administration stating that you are not eligible for SSN.

    Essex,MD has the MVA office.
    Essex - Full Service
    Middlesex Shopping Center
    1338-A Eastern Boulevard
    Essex, MD 21221

    They don't need any letter from SSN administration.However they do check your visa status etc.So should be able to prove your legal status(passport.797 form etc),
    i would suggest call them up or go to their office with all the documents.They will tell u if there is anything they need and if it is missing.
    they are extremely courtious people and will tell u rightaway if there are problems with ur docs.
    Offcourse my information may be outdate so call them up first to make sure info is correct.

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  • priderock
    09-17 03:21 PM
    Looks like no one is accepting my apologies :( maybe they will all come to DC and beat me up instead

    That means no one was really offended by you. :)

    You did well.


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  • uslegals
    12-20 02:00 PM
    Hello Everybody,

    My wife & I have our 485 interviews in January. Any advice is appreciated. Mine is a EB (EB- 2) petition. Our PD is April 2006. We filed for 485's in July 2007 and our 485's were transferred to National Benefits Center in 2008. I was promoted hence my title is different now from what was filed on the Labor application and job duties only changed a little bit. My petitioner is the same,

    Couple of questions -
    Will they interview my wife & I together ?
    Is it advisable to take the immigration attorney with us for the interview.?
    Can the IO approve the case on the spot.?
    Can IO stamp the passport since my PD is current.?

    If somebody can direct me to any recent experiences for folks who did have interviews - that would be really helpful.



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  • snathan
    02-21 10:37 PM
    Thanks a lot for the links snathan. Is it possible to return to India at any stage of GreenCard processing and then come back to India once the EAD is approved.

    It depends on your employer. If your employer supports and the job still available for you, can go to Indian and come back.


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  • kirupa
    01-20 11:33 AM
    Unfortunately, like freeskier said, using external libraries isn't allowed. The rules aren't necessarily all encompassing, but this was a question that was asked before:

    Your entry is really cool, and I am sure nobody doubts that. It is just for a competetion about programming, it is assumed that all code is your own :P

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  • nomad
    08-23 11:33 PM
    I did a concurrent submission of I140 and I485 on July 2nd. As and when the 140 PP comes back, can I get PP done even though I have already sent my application?

    Yes. You can change your application from regular to PPS at any time provided USCIS is accepting PPS for that category ( such as for I-140).


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  • Prazz002
    07-19 02:06 PM
    I think this applies only for existing cases that is if you already have a EAD number and applied for renual.

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  • Dhundhun
    06-12 06:59 PM
    ... pre adjudicated and other than NC everything looks good.

    I think, pre-adjudicated means every thing ready and waiting for Visa Number, so you need not worry - Whether EAD/AP renewal bothering you?

    Within four months of processing time passing the RD, case is pre-adjudicated - I mean, when they were trying to give you GC, DOS did not reply with your Green Card Number (exhausted). I think USCIS is not delaying your case. If I were you, I would wait.

    However many of us recommended to followup aggressively at various levels. It is up to you.


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  • ksircar
    04-04 03:38 PM
    Why is it still unaccessible? Are you guys experiencing the same?

    Does anyone really care?

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  • imv116
    03-01 07:15 PM
    Hi All,

    I have been following the postings on this forum. I appreciate all the hard work the core group is doing. I also appreciate the active participation by all members in answering/discussing the forum topics.

    I have contributed a one time $200.00 in support and would contribute more and request every one to support in there capacity.

    Every one needs PR status, but in my case, the need is more for my wife, because of the reason that she wants to pursue her medical residency here.

    I sometimes wonder and sometimes I feel like going back to India, work for my present company for 1 year, come back here on a managerial/executive position on L1 along with my wife and apply for Perm in Eb1 cat...this said is all my thought!

    This would enable my wife to get work permit as L1 dependent and an eventually a residency position in a good univ and a current 1-485 status.

    Only thing though is my wife would need to attend interviews.

    Any suggestions/feedback will help me and all other people in this situation.

    Thank You,
    The 116


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  • bestia
    01-26 08:52 PM
    What was RFE about?

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  • myeb2gc
    02-20 09:48 AM
    My employer filed EB3 at first and then EB2 labour filings.
    But EB3 labour approval is received just before filing 140. i.e after receiving the EB2 labour approval.
    I have received my 140 approval notice. This is the first document of GC that my attorney shared with me.

    Question is := So is my GC is processed under EB2 / EB3?


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  • cr52401
    04-23 08:57 PM
    Guys, today I got our permanent residence visa from Canadian consular in LA that I almost had applied three years ago.
    The visa is valid until June 9, 2007 and I really can not get my job done here in US until then. It is just too close. Even kinds will be in school by then.
    Any one knows that if I can apply for an extension or not? I really don�t want to let it go since we spent so much money for it.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • jonty_11
    02-14 03:59 PM
    This is where the whole Retro mess starts, people trying to bypass the system. Read the Requirements and if your employer/attorney thinks u qualify , u do otherwise, dont screw up the system.


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  • perm2gc
    06-23 05:49 PM
    If a person tests positive for TB and the chest X-Ray also shows signs of TB the USCIS doctor will send us to the county doctor's office. If they also determine positive result we wil have to start the medication.

    1) So with the dates becoming current on July 01 2007 can a person apply for I-485 or wait till the medication is completed?

    2) Also how long does the medication take?

    1. You cannot apply without medical record.
    2. 9 months is the course time for TB medication.

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  • eldrick
    07-31 03:46 PM
    Last week, I submitted my documents to my lawyer but until now I haven't received any confirmation from my employer yet if my application has been filed already. We are not allowed to contact our lawyer directly so I'm just relying on my employer about this. I'm quite concerned coz there's no way for me to find out if they have filed it or not.
    Is there a way? Please help me please. Thank you

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  • psaxena
    06-26 07:39 PM
    I dialled and I was in the conf call for 10 min , no one else joined in.

    I finally give up on all the initiative.. this is just pathetic.. everyone is waiting for someone to else to act.. thats not happening.

    Well I am well off without GC as well.. GC is not going to make any impact in my life, I was just trying to do something which was wrong, so when the ones who are suffering they dun care then why should I.

    Keep getting exploited and have sleepless nights.. I think the kind of mentality you guys have you deserve it.

    June 25th, 2006, 08:48 PM
    As I'm reading about Fred streaking for some photographs I suddenly remember the title of this thread, "black spot on images" and I think to myself if there's black spots showing up on some images it would need to be these "Fred pics". Nothing personal Fred but I don't swing that way. ;)

    11-12 06:47 PM
    So for the non german speaking, we are simply biting on granite...oh well I lost my teeth doing that for the last 6 I guess I keep biting ;-)

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