Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • coolest_me
    07-10 02:30 PM
    Try in the early morning hours like 5 - 6 AM EST ....

    If any one of your parent can speak English then you can take the appt in English. I did it for my In-Laws and they got the visa.

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  • eaglesvr
    11-11 05:06 PM
    Child Protection Act is based on I-140 timing. If by the time of applying for I-140 your son got 21 then no-chance, it's not applicable. If not then some calculation is needed.
    When did they apply for I-140. How old was your son at that time? When was it approved?

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  • Patti LaBelle, right

  • hkancharla
    07-18 03:57 PM
    Can any answer this question or put our thoughts on this?

    Now all EB categories being current most of us are applying for 485 so how does the Approval process work?

    Is it the first come first out or
    It depends on the Priority Date?


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  • vinabath
    04-02 01:50 PM
    I my 485 will be processed - it just won't be approved until the PD becomes current again?

    That I or USCIS cannot guaranteee.....:p


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  • jonty_11
    07-25 04:07 PM
    wouldnt it be better to check the earliest apptt available on the INFOPASS website rather than here..Just a thought.

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  • tinamatthew
    07-18 03:50 PM
    Hello everyone and thank you IV for all your great work. Much appreciated.

    I have a (hopefully ) simple question:

    I am EB2 (had been current the whole time) and I am just now ready to file my I-140 and I-485.

    That said and considering the now new window to file (till 8/17), should I premium process the I-140? Does it even matter? Am I going to basically throw away $1000?

    I had ready that they would not even touch the I-485 till the I-140 was approved but that sounds like a contradiction to concurrent filing, right?

    Any info, tips would be greatly appreciated.

    My attorney is ready to file but I want to make sure I ask the right questions/get the right info from them before they do so.

    Thank you all once again!

    That's right, premium processing has been suspended. Yes it is true i-485 is not touched until i-140 is approved, but they will process EAD and AP. They just cannot decide the i-485 BCOS it is based on an immigrant petition. IF the immigrant petition has not been decided, they cannot do anything about the i-485. Hope this helps


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  • texcan
    02-13 02:41 PM
    no replies? cant believe i am the only one in this situation :)

    please fix your profile, it helps others and helps you get right answers too given everything is context sensitive.

    I did contemplate not filing for AP and keeping h1 and infact planned to get stamping; but after long thoughts i let it go. I figured not filing AP is not worth the risk.

    IMO you should get AP and then travel, you sure can go for h1 stamping.


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    02-13 04:39 PM
    I think you need to wait till you have EB2 numbers available or else you need to with draw the inter filing before your I-140 assumes the eb3 priority date.The withdrawl my trigger RFE.That is my openion.Gurus correct me.


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  • devang77
    04-07 03:25 PM
    I'd be interested, are you planning to do local or DC offices?

    I have met with staffers from offices of both MD senators a few times (in their DC offices) and I have been to the DC office of my local Congress woman.

    Let me know when you are planning to go.


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  • cam23
    06-24 08:44 PM
    Hi All

    I worked for a company A till July 2006. Company A had applied for my Green Card using RIR process. I got my Labor certification approved and company A applied for I-140.

    In August 2006 company B acquired company A. Company B moved me to a different physical location and different state.

    Company B amended my I-140 application filed by Company A to preserve the priority date. Now company B is planning to file I-485 for this ongoing I-140 application.

    My Questions:

    Is there any risk for I-140 application since company B amended I-140 application filed by Company A?

    I am asking so as company B moved me to a different state and labor used to file amended I-140 was based on company A and its location.


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  • gccovet
    11-21 01:51 PM
    She will get her EAD even if your priority date retrogresses in the next visa bulletin.
    As far as I know, you don't neccessarily need to file EAD with your I-485. Once your I-485 is pending, you can file EAD anytime after that(irrespective of PD movement) but its always better to file them together.

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong.

    you are right, when you are eligible to file AOS, you can file for EAD (AP etc) as well.


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  • gc_user
    11-28 08:29 AM
    Any updates please????


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  • sircaustic
    05-13 10:45 PM
    Like I said earlier, you have 240 days before you go out of status. If you are receiving an RFE, it means your case is under review. Upon receiving your response to the RFE, the officer should be able to adjudicate case fairly soon. However, if you are nervous, I recommend file for an expedited review when sending your response. That said, I would hate to pay the extra $$$$ if I don't have to.

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  • hpandey
    06-27 07:28 AM
    No you don't have to wait for your 3 year extension to return to US. Your lawyers and company are basically trying to get your three year extension so that you can get a 3 year visa stamped in your passport. But there's nothing stopping you from returning to US at any time on your current H1b.

    For your second question - no you don't have to be present in the US to file for the extension .


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  • masterfender
    04-26 09:28 PM
    Hi guys,

    Some of may think "Wait for the actual letter to come" but I feel too nervous and just want to share my thoughts. I applied for EB5 and my I526 was approved. Then I applied adjustment of status and got an I485 RFE. Have not got the letter yet but got the email that my case is on hold right now. Can you tell me about the RFE? Is that common? Is that the first step of denial? I'm so nervous right now. I will write what they are asking when I got the letter which I'm expecting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you very much.

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  • careerGC5050
    11-23 07:52 AM
    Anoop - dont worry about it and ask your company to reapply with a stronger educational valuation. Everything depends on the educational valuation report submitted along with the application.

    Request for a stronger educational evaluation and request them to reapply.


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  • mailtobalu
    06-30 03:46 PM

    I am working for "Company A" on L1B from Nov 2006. In 2008 April "Company B" filed H1B and it got approved and received approval letter with I-94 effective from Oct 1st 2008.

    After getting H1B I did not move to Company B and continued work with "Company A" on L1B Visa. To void the I-94 received with my H1B Approval I traveled my Home country on Sep 28th 2008 and returned to US on Oct 6th 2008 on L1B visa and continuing my Job with "Company A"

    My H1B Employer (Company B) did not revoke my H1B since I have not started working for him.

    Now Company B is going to renew my L1B visa for another 2 years.
    If they renewed my L1B Visa, what will happen to my H1B?
    In future if I want to switch to H1B, can i switch to H1B with my current H1B or do I need to file new H1B with fresh quota (Which opens in April)?

    I am really tensed now and I am not understanding whether I should go for L1B extension or do I need to switch to H1B immediately to keep my H1B status alive? What I want to now is for some time i want to continue my job with Company A on L1B by going for L1B renewal and later once the recession is over I want to change my status to H1B? can I do this?

    Please advice me what steps I should take to continue in USA?

    girlfriend Published: 2011-05-18. Girl patti labelle oprah finale. After 25 years, Oprah Winfrey
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  • GLIX
    09-26 12:15 PM
    This is who I have been using. She has a license to practice in New York.

    Shirley Tang

    Parsekian & Solomon, P.C.

    140 Main Street

    Hackensack, NJ 07601

    Tel. 201.487.2080

    Fax. 201.487.7645

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  • pbojja
    10-19 10:26 AM

    I had seen no issues travelling wih out receipt notice . But I got my H1 stamped till 2010 . I received my receipts yesterday and I know some one who received EADs after travelling to India with out receipts . Remember this is only my personal expereince and not sure if this is a standard .

    03-11 01:15 PM

    I am Us citizen and sent a request letter with my Mom to US Embassy in Armenia to kindly grant my Mom a tourist visa to visit me and my new born son. I also signed and sent dully filled and signed Affidavit of Support form with all the requested paper work. However, my Mom was denied the tourist visa on the grounds that I did not returned to Armenia in 2000 (8 years Ago) before my J1 Visa expiration.
    But I got visa extension befor J1 visa expiration then applied for permanent resident and got my green card).
    I did not violate any regulation.
    What can I do ? Please Help.

    04-17 08:03 PM
    It is not a bad idea to become a donor. I encourage both of you to become donors.

    IV should keep the twitter updates restricted to only DONOR accounts and possibly another twitter account for generic updates.

    Disclaimer : I dont have DONOR status

    me neither though I have donated quite regularly. Well, it is upto Core to decide what to do- I guess. We can keep posting suggestions.

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