Wednesday, June 29, 2011

blagojevich scandal

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  • sanjose16
    02-24 10:53 AM
    I would appreciate if any one can answer my question

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  • vnsriv
    07-05 12:53 PM

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  • Blagojevich Names Roland

  • vikrant29nov
    03-08 04:56 AM
    Thx for the compliment 3dy & vikas_088.

    Vikas_088 - you are right, its my name(Vikrant). :crazy:

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  • atlfp
    06-14 09:43 PM
    Based on these reasons:

    1. EB legals doesn't really count when it comes to the consideration. For one, the numbers that are suffering are too small; for two, what you go through is nothing in the eye of Kennedy's --- you have a job, you have enough food, you are not dying in the are having a pretty decent life, except that you wanted more;

    2. Senators like Sessions can still argue that "so many legal people are waiting in the line", because you are indeed still waiting even though you can now file 485. So allow you to file doesn't really change their argument;

    3. What makes you think that if you shut up they are going to have a easy day? It's not like that you have any teeth to bite any way.

    So the PD moves forward is definitely a good thing regardless how CIR plays out.

    Mark my words.... President Bush will single handedly make sure to pass the bill as it is.....

    No one can stop it.

    Do you all think it is just a co incidense that all the dates became current just when this bill (which was supposed to be in grave :rolleyes: ) is revived by those who extremely opposed it?

    Do you know how many people will stop giving a damn, because they just filed their 485 s?
    People like me who are result of bad practice employers are still here, and lucky ones will depart.....

    We have been dealt a crucial blow here.


    blagojevich scandal. Rod Blagojevich scandal.
  • Rod Blagojevich scandal.

  • shimul99
    07-31 05:42 PM
    140 processing has got nothing to do with your country of origin. Country of origin is used for quotas in AOS/485

    In that i applied my I485 in July 2, 2007. AS i'm from bangladesh...when can i expect my AP, EAD and the I-485

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  • masti_Gai
    10-27 08:01 AM
    What is the relation between your H1 petition approval and ur hubbyz pay stub i just don't understand. If the query was regarding ur salary which the prospective company is gonna give it would have made sense. But why would ur hubby's salary matter to them for approvin ur H1 is still don't understand.:(


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  • eagerr2i
    08-28 09:39 AM
    ?? Could you please phrase your question once again? It is not clear what you are trying to ask this forum.

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  • vxb2004
    08-27 08:20 PM
    I called USCIS regardng my I-140 approval notice and I was told that "It normally takes upto 30 days to receive any approval/receipt notices". Hope it helps!


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  • devang77
    04-07 03:25 PM
    I'd be interested, are you planning to do local or DC offices?

    I have met with staffers from offices of both MD senators a few times (in their DC offices) and I have been to the DC office of my local Congress woman.

    Let me know when you are planning to go.


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  • deba
    08-22 12:09 PM
    No new PIO card is required unless 15 yrs is up. Get it endorsed with the new passport # on your PIO card from the embassy/consulate.


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  • with Rod Blagojevich.

  • ksam75
    07-20 12:47 AM
    I'm also in the same situation. My attorney says wait till USCIS figures out that there are duplicates and sends a notice to withdraw one of the petitions. Of course, the checks would be en-cashed for both the petitions.

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  • andyvillapark
    08-19 07:43 PM
    Thanks very much dealsboy, really appreciate it.


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  • pyrosleepy
    10-26 10:33 AM
    I think Ubaidu's problem is that his degrees are in a different field of study from that of his job. For EB2 the USCIS will surely look into the relevance of the Masters degree to the job description.

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  • agiridhar
    04-17 12:24 AM
    Looks like from the posts from the main page that its a love-hate relationship between these job-shops. And the problem is analogous to chicken & egg problem, one can never understand who is insane and one cannot survive without the other.

    Also may be this cannot be generalized but must be dealt on case by case basis. As every individual and entity and their circumstantial situation is different.


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  • vikki76
    04-30 11:34 AM
    Good coverage.

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  • rmo518
    04-13 11:58 AM
    Congratulations everyone! Thanks to the judges and the voters too!


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  • vasudev19
    04-09 06:34 PM
    Thanks for the reply..I have one question ,can I sponsor my in-laws visa in such situation ?

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  • newtoh1
    03-13 11:30 AM
    if H1 denied by current company and still he has time with wariler I797, in this case sep09, can he try apply H1 transfer to some other company ?

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  • Blagojevich Scandal Feeds Into

  • FinalGC
    06-09 10:42 AM
    Good Job...Pappu and IV Team..

    05-27 05:16 PM
    1.Is it mandatory to have a pending 485 application in order to get H1b
    extended beyond 6 years using I-140 approval?

    2.Do I need to be with the employer who filed PERM in order to get the H1b
    extended beyond 6 years using I-140 or can a new employer file for my
    extension using the approved I-140( without having a pending 485
    application ) ?

    Greatly apprecite any response...


    You can use your 140 approval notice copy to extend beyond 6 years. It does not matter to which employer the 140 belongs to. It is not mandatory that you should have 485 pending.

    06-03 09:54 AM
    I will be getting married to a H1 holder in India and because of the time involved in obtaining a marriage certificate, am planning to leave shortly after the wedding with my existing B2/tourist visa. What are my options of applying for a H4 once I do that - would I have to come back to India to apply for that, or can it be done from Canada/Mexico - are there any risks pertaining to intent of travel associated with such an action. Thanking you in advance for valuable help in this matter!

    From Ron Gotcher

    He can do that, but there is a chance that the CIS will reject the change of status application on the basis of preconceived intent. If he does come here, he should wait 60 days before filing the change of status application. My recommendation is that he apply for an H-4 abroad and then enter using the H-4 visa.

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