Wednesday, June 29, 2011

golden gate bridge drawing clip art

images Golden Gate Bridge golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge by Andrew
  • Golden Gate Bridge by Andrew

  • navdeep.mahajan
    03-08 10:37 PM
    Thanks for your wishes

    wallpaper Golden Gate Bridge by Andrew golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Gate Bridgequot; or quot;ridgesquot;
  • Gate Bridgequot; or quot;ridgesquot;

  • FredG
    April 7th, 2004, 06:33 PM
    Looks like a tough little guy to capture. The way things are lined up, I think you could successfully clone out the branches in front of him. I'd leave the others. Any more sharpening would over-sharpen thetail. Although you could copy the layer, apply more sharpening to the layer, then mask out everything except the parts of the head you'd like to change.

    golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge San
  • Golden Gate Bridge San

  • Jeetendra
    02-18 10:16 PM
    i have a question whether to use EAD or H1B? Initiallly i re-entered into usa after finishing my first 6yr term of H1B in June 05 on H1b. Later changed employer. New employer filed my GC using existing labor (EB3) in 2006 and also filed for i-140 & i-485 in oct 2007. so the transferred h1b is expiring on 06/2009. my ead expired in Oct 2008. I am thinking of renewing EAD than H1b which i am planning to file in this month (Feb, 2009).

    1. If i go back to India in Mar 09 - Can I come back using EAD (Once its approved and someone sends my EAD & AP to India) as i haven't used EAD?
    2. my transfered H1b is expiring on Jun 09 and i don't want to go to Madras to stamp the transfered company's visa on my passport as i doubt to get it - the Consulate might ask me so many questions when its expiring in june why you want to go to usa for 3 or 4 months.
    3. The best bet - do i need to wait for my renewal of EAD & AP and then leave?

    Please let me know as my travel plans are dependent on this.

    thanks and appreciate your prompt response

    thank you.

    2011 Gate Bridgequot; or quot;ridgesquot; golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge Icons
  • Golden Gate Bridge Icons

  • OTTO
    05-13 03:17 PM
    Thanks for your reply.
    Since bs+5 equals ms+0, doesnt bs+7 equal to ms+2?


    golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge Close Up
  • Golden Gate Bridge Close Up

  • Yeldarb
    11-14 11:44 PM
    Your work is very impressive, I've been looking for someone to design layouts for clients (as I'm not very good with graphics) -- I'll keep you in mind next time I need someone.

    golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Vector golden gate bridge
  • Vector golden gate bridge

  • Laasya05
    12-29 08:38 PM
    Sorry I may sound lame but what is the new rule regarding H4 to H1B?


    golden gate bridge drawing clip art. home of the 1800#39;s Gold
  • home of the 1800#39;s Gold

  • mkr_s05
    03-26 11:30 PM
    Mine is a labor substitution filing and 140 is filed in TSC in April-2007. This case is transferred from TSC to NSC in Nov-2007. There are no LUDs after that. I have seen similar cases transferrred in November. Did anyone receive an approval/LUD in such cases ?

    2010 Golden Gate Bridge San golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • a_to_z_gc
    09-27 12:53 AM
    I don't think you read his question- He/She wanted to know if the FP can be done in an American Consulate General in India if he gets his FP notice while he/she is in India.

    Does anyone know of this situation and if any consulate in India can do the FP?

    If you get your FP notice while in the US go to the ceter any day at 7.45 am before the center opens and request the staff to do the FP.They generaly oblige.I did it in Los Angeles.


    golden gate bridge drawing clip art. ridge, the Golden Gate
  • ridge, the Golden Gate

  • snathan
    09-15 09:11 PM
    I have both EB3 and EB2 labor approved and EB2 I-140 approved for the same job requirement in the same company. Here're some details:

    labor PD : 03/2005 (EB3)
    labor PD : 12/2006 (EB2),
    I-140 approved (EB2)
    I-485 Applied : 07/2007 with approved EB2 I-140

    Is it possible to use my EB3�s PD for my EB2 application? If so, what�s the procedure.

    Thanks a lot!

    You can get your EB3 PD. Your lawer needs to write to the USCIS to port your PD. Attorney here would give you more details and wait for them to respond.

    hair Golden Gate Bridge Icons golden gate bridge drawing clip art. San Francisco#39;s Golden Gate
  • San Francisco#39;s Golden Gate

  • SertTurk
    12-30 02:02 AM
    Visa is required when you have to travel outside US and reenter again.You can get as many extensions as possible by the stamp is not a problem for your next extension.

    Thanks! This is good news. We have been working 24/7 and forgot all about this. I got mine but my wife did not travel at all and never needed the visa. I was worried that it might cause problems.


    golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge Drawing - Page 2 | Golden Gate Bridge Drawing - Page 3
  • Golden Gate Bridge Drawing - Page 2 | Golden Gate Bridge Drawing - Page 3

  • kondur_007
    02-19 05:48 PM
    I am not familiar with the for I 130. But I can answer about 485:

    Your non-immigrant visa number is the "number in red" (usually only number in red) on visa stamp that is usually in bottom right corner.

    Did you find it??

    hot Golden Gate Bridge Close Up golden gate bridge drawing clip art. goldenGateBridge.jpg
  • goldenGateBridge.jpg

  • javadeveloper
    07-24 10:41 AM
    Hi ,

    I was working for company A and got my labor and I-140 approved and then i changed to company B. My priority date is jan 2005. Is there any way that i can continue my green card process with company A. WOuld be of great help if somone can tell me if there is any way to do it.

    company A can continue your GC process while you working for company B,Talk to company A about this.I guess company A asks you to join their company , for that you need to apply H1 transfer from B to A.It's not a big problem talk to company A first.Good Luck


    house gate bridge clip art golden gate bridge drawing clip art. The Golden Gate Bridge,
  • The Golden Gate Bridge,

  • mjdup
    07-26 11:34 AM
    One year for my labor had not elapsed and I had no other way to get the 8thyr extension so my attorney applied for the premium processing, it was applied on 16th and got it approved by 27th of June. If your labor has met the 1yr req. you could always apply for the 1yr extn, don't see why you won't be able to use the 1yr labor rule..hope this helps,

    tattoo Vector golden gate bridge golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge ( GGB )
  • Golden Gate Bridge ( GGB )

  • piperwarrior
    07-17 11:16 PM
    I don't think your lawyer knows what he's talking about. All you need is your I-140 receipt. I applied for my wife on July 2 and used my I-140 approval notice. Did not even include the I-485 notice as the instructions did not ask for it. The simple solution is to go online and download the official instructions and figure out for yourself.

    I got myself in somewhat of a mess here and wondering if there is any solution?

    I filed for my I-485 on June 28th and it reached UCSIS on 2nd July. I wasn't able to do the same for my wife as she was in India at that time.

    She is back now and I want to file her I-485 but my lawyer tells me I can not do that because it either needs to be filed concurrently with mine or they need to have a receipt for my I-485 which doesn't seem to be coming in the next few weeks.

    Is there anything else I can do? Anyone has similar experiences? Will a copy of my I-485 filing do?



    pictures home of the 1800#39;s Gold golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Gate Bridge

  • xyzgc
    12-08 08:36 PM
    be careful man! don't spread false info before bothering to check twice...!:D

    I am tempted to call you retarded, but I won't do that. I know its a slip.

    dresses goldenGateBridge.jpg golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge Vector
  • Golden Gate Bridge Vector

  • milindss
    11-05 10:59 AM
    Thank you sir.


    makeup ridge, the Golden Gate golden gate bridge drawing clip art. gate bridge clip art
  • gate bridge clip art

  • lord_labaku
    07-07 06:24 PM
    renew it.

    its like an insurance. My priority date has been current for 4 months. No approvals so far. Still waiting.

    girlfriend Golden Gate Bridge ( GGB ) golden gate bridge drawing clip art. Golden Gate Bridge Poster
  • Golden Gate Bridge Poster

  • deardar
    06-18 09:57 AM
    I asked the same question yesterday at POE Boston.
    He said I have to renew the AP before it expires. The Parole stamp is valid until an year from yesterday.

    hairstyles Golden Gate Bridge Drawing - Page 2 | Golden Gate Bridge Drawing - Page 3 golden gate bridge drawing clip art. the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • bugsbunny
    03-24 03:29 PM
    i don't believe there can be any guarantee against getting RFE or NOID. You can take precautions by following the regulations and yes having a job/job title in the same or similar occupations.
    There is a lot of guidance about what constitutes "same or similar"... from USCIS
    There are labor codes for every position/occupation in the Dept. of Labor...make sure yours falls within the same as directed by the USCIS guidance.
    Hope this helps!

    02-19 09:56 AM
    I'm on H1 and My spouse is on H4 (came on H4 in Dec 2003)
    We are both Canadian PR's. I worked out a deal with my US based to company so that I work in Canada and come to USA occasionally.

    Here are a few questions regd my spouse

    Planning to apply for H1 in April 2007, Once H1 is approved
    -Can we use automatic revalidation to enter USA without getting our visa's stamped. My h1 expired in 2006 and my spouse;s H4 expired in 2006.
    (remember my spouse is applying for H1 )
    -How safe it is FrequENTLY travel to Canada and back
    -How safe it is to stay in Canada for duration of 3-6 months and come back to USA
    -Once my spouse gets the H1 approved, should he move to H1 immediatly or can continue on H4?
    -stamping of H1 (first stamping for H1 in Canada) after conversion from H4

    04-02 08:55 PM
    Thank you Sir.

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