Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • Raj Iyer
    09-22 04:38 PM
    Go for premium processing.

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    11-16 10:33 PM
    Hi Uma,

    My Green card is filed under EB2 category.

    Thanks & Regards,

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  • fromnaija
    11-18 05:29 PM
    Great job folks. Not only Ac21 issue, but if there is any other issue, please lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman's office.

    I would also suggest that those who have had their I-485 denied due to changing employers should submit DHS Form 7001 to the Ombudsman's office.

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  • rbalaji5
    02-20 07:29 PM
    Just an FYI, I applied my wife's I-485 with the Birth Certificate issued by Indian Embassy in Houston, TX....I went there personally and got it issued the same day...They issue it based on the DOB in your passport...Then later I got her BC done from the local municipality along with affidavits from her parents...I sent them to my attorney and he said he will only send them to USCIS if they send a RFE asking for the same.....He said its of no use to mail them without an RFE as they will lose them.....My PD is EB-3 India Nov 2003, and I haven't received any RFE so far regarding her BC...

    Is there any LUD for the filed I-485..If there is a LUD and no RFE, then I am surely go and get one from Indian embassy.


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  • pappu
    06-29 10:08 AM
    I am putting an extra freshly painted mailbox with a big bold name in red color and a message-- 'Put my greencard here' for the postman. :)

    Lets see how many years it will take for him to finally grant me my wish.

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  • ksach
    04-04 08:15 PM
    Oh... the H1b worker who maintains the site got frustrated that his gc is going nowhere and went back to his home country.

    DOS tried to update the system reflecting a big jump in the visa dates for May. The system was unused to any changes lately - leave aside such large forward movements - and as a result it crashed.

    DOS managed to recover the system by replacing all date fields with character fields. The rumor is that the value for all those character fields is now "C", whatever that means.


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  • martinvisalaw
    10-22 01:50 PM
    I presume her change of status (COS) from H4 to H1 took place automatically when she received her I-797 Approval notice from CIS with an I-94 valid till Oct 2011. Is my presumption correct?


    Now, will her next COS i.e. from H1 to H4 take place when she leaves the US and appears for H4 interview based on my current H1's (company B's) 1-797 Approval notice in consulate in India? [

    Your wife will be applying for a new H-4 visa, but it's not called a COS. That just applies when a person applies to change status while remaining in the US.

    I dont have stamp of my current H1 (company B's) in my passport. I have only the old H1 stamp (company A's) in my passport, which is already expired. I also plan to leave for India for my H1 stamping. Which will be the better approach: she appearing for her H4 interview along with me when I appear for my H1 stamping or she going alone ahead of me for her H4 stamping? Many thanks in advance.

    Either is OK. Once you have H-1B status it doesn't matter that you don't have a valid H-1B visa

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  • needhelp!
    11-05 06:27 PM


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  • extofu
    03-07 11:06 AM
    You require a new H1B stamp in your passport. If you look at your existing H1B stamp - it will have the name of your company (it is not clear from your post if this is Company A or Comapny B). Once you quit the company and leave this country, you need to have new stamp. In your case, you must have H1B stamp from Company C when you enter after you leave the country (unless you are visiting Mexico or Canada - in which case you can use automatic revalidation rule - provided you are out of the country for less than 30 days).

    I am not sure what will happen if you try to reenter on a H1B with old company. The POE will have some way to find out in which company u r working.

    My current H1 stamp is for company A.

    Based on what you wrote, would you advise me to get the stamp of company C if I have plans to change to C eventually? I know that when I will be reentering USA, I will be on the payroll for company C.

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  • H1bslave
    10-23 01:36 PM
    Please check you PM.


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  • bugsbunny
    05-20 03:44 PM
    What exactly does "OP" stand for?
    Original Poster or something similar :p

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  • rajeshalex
    11-18 07:07 PM
    you can check with They can help you to get the appointment.

    My H1b I did through them..



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  • vgayalu
    12-02 07:21 PM
    This is not right place to give your adds.

    Admin : Please delete this thread.

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  • coolpal
    03-20 09:34 AM
    I was told if you have valid stamping you do not need get new stamping even if you changed the employer. All you need is to give the new approval notice at the POE.

    am I missing somthing here.

    That is true, and I know a lot of people who did that including my wife in 2006.

    pal :)


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  • logiclife
    04-08 12:15 PM
    I am not an expert in law but we cannot "Force" the deparment of state to release numbers. However some numbers are already available for 2005 in usage stats.

    If they waste numbers in 2006, then they may be recaptured and used in 2007 - ONLY IF - the comprehensive bill or the PACE act passes as both have recapture provision.

    Doesnt the ombudsman report show all numbers even today? I thought they did.

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  • chanduv23
    07-31 03:52 PM
    Last week, I submitted my documents to my lawyer but until now I haven't received any confirmation from my employer yet if my application has been filed already. We are not allowed to contact our lawyer directly so I'm just relying on my employer about this. I'm quite concerned coz there's no way for me to find out if they have filed it or not.
    Is there a way? Please help me please. Thank you

    485 is your petition and does not have anything confidential about your company, so legally your employer should not cut ur access to lawyer.

    Labor and 140, it is undeerstandable for employer - lawyer protocol, but 485 that must not be the case.

    Contact your lawyer, nothing wrong in asking for reciept notice. But remember, I am a third person and don't know about your employer and lawyer and how they are. So do it at your discretion


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  • royus77
    07-10 12:02 PM
    Why AILA not suing State Dept. or USCIS for other issues... read a letter posted by someone in a forum


    I appreciate your effort in filing lawsuit on behalf of July I-485 filers.

    There are several critics on your July I-485 lawsuit. They criticize that you are doing for the benefit of your members (AILA). Definitely, your members will be benefited by huge amount of legal fees. Also, the critic says it is waste of time.

    Even one of your reputed member (Rajiv Khanna @ posted in his website that chance of winning the law suit is very minimum.

    He posted in his website as follows: "Please note folks, I don�t think this class will be easily approved by courts. CIS could argue a lot of things against it, which I don�t wish to publish in an open forum."

    Why you cannot sue for the people who struck at Consulate due to administrative process without probable cause.

    Several of them working in U.S (they have proof of employment, pay stubs, worked in the U.S on H1B visa for many years) just went to their home country for short vacation and applied for visa; they have rented house in the U.S and unable to break the lease; unable to pay car dues; their U.S citizen children also held overseas; they are loosing their jobs. State department is holding these visa application for more than a year in several cases.

    What steps AILA has taken in this issue. If not, why you are not aware of this issue or why you are not giving importance. Do you think this issue will not bring such a huge legal fee like I-485 lawsuit?

    Do you have the number of people who held like that ?Most of the people are struck because of the Name Check which USCIS cannt also do any thing because of security .

    VB fiasco was done due to the mis communication between DOS and USCIS and it effected nearly 700k people ..thats the reason .No body is paying AILA for the 485 lawsuit

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  • qualified_trash
    11-09 03:47 PM
    if you received the notice, then it is probably a courtesy notice. USCIS will only send the actual approval notice to your lawyer. so wait for the lawyer to let you know.

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  • joelly
    04-17 06:12 PM
    :eek: I don't get it.

    How can someone call themselves anti-immigrant? Those people who belong to the Anti-Immigrant group is actually an immigrant themselves somewhere in time.

    We all surely knows who is native american, right?

    Lets not forget, America was and continues to prosper because of hardworking and honest immigrants..

    02-04 10:35 PM
    I know about the "same or similar" clause in AC21. How many of you have got a RFE/Problems based on just this clause alone ?

    Also, If you filed labor 3 years ago for software programmer, in 3 years, you could have become a system analyst, DBA or system Architect etc etc, So, how does "same or similar" matter here ?

    Also, It will be helpful if we have a forum category "AC21", Admin, please consider this.

    Thanks for all your inputs.

    i filed my labor 7 years ago as a programmer, today i am a project manager. I have changed job using ac21 twice, did not inform uscis even once (as its not reqd by law). I am in eb3 india and I have no hopes that uscis will ever get to my application, and even if they did after 5 years from now, I dont care if they issue an RFE and deny my 485 all together. Point I am trying to say is , you cannot spoil your career waiting for this. I changed my job exactly on 6 months and one day after i filed 485. past 2 years i am a PM. I am pretty confident that I would have had atleast 5 years PM experience by the time they reach my application or even more time. After all I want to go back to my home country pretty soon and so did not want to care about all this job title, description etc crap..this is just me..use your own instincts.

    10-16 09:06 PM
    Link at

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