Friday, June 10, 2011

quotes about volunteering

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  • cdeneo
    03-04 07:59 PM
    Is there a way to find out if one's FP has cleared or not? I guess infopass appt may be one way - just wondering if there was an easier way to know where one stands ...


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-23 12:04 PM
    Being current means very little. I've been there 3 times over the last few years. 4 years after filing my 485, and 2 RFEs later(each generated during a PD current period BTW) and 3 "currents", I am still waiting. I am on my 5th EAD.
    So while optimism is good, with the USCIS don't get too hopeful. Incompetence abounds.

    You deserve it. Hope Sept 1st brings the real deal for you

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  • cox
    January 2nd, 2005, 06:27 PM
    Hi Gary,
    I don't do studio stuff, so I can't advise on lighting, and you already have a lot of expert advice there already :)
    My observations are; I think the glass itself looks great, but the red ornaments in #2 are distracting. Obviously a matter of taste since jpreston likes them. The background, keeping in mind that you improvised, has horizontal folds that I found distracting. A piece of black velvet or similar material would fix that, and isn't too expensive if you stick to one or two. I think the backgrounds become expensive when you buy a variety and have the means to move them around quickly to increase paying studio throughput. I think both images look good in general.

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  • raysaikat
    06-22 10:47 AM
    For I-485 Applicant, it is not of much significance.
    At POE, AP is stamped for one year (with I-94), but when it expires, it does not matter. One can continue working on H1 or EAD. And if someone is in USA on H4 (and not working on EAD) also remains in vaild status.

    So there should not be any reason to worry, however, as suggested by "kshitijnt" better to get in touch with USCIS and let them do corrective action as required.

    Please post your experience afterwards.

    S/he has to have an unexpired I-94 to stay in the country. It is not about AP or EAD.


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  • serega
    04-21 11:10 AM
    I'm in the process of convincing my FinAid rep that I am eligible with only EAD/I-485 pending/A# (no I-94 w/parolee stamp). It worked for a secondary verification for my mortgage guaranteed by USDA (Agriculture Dept.). They use the same USCIS SAVE system for verification. The truth is no one knows how to do this. My FinAid rep admitted to never having to do this. What happens when they institute a secondary check thru SAVE is it only says EAD valid, so all it does is verify your status, but does not actually notify the agency that you are eligible for any benefits - it says so in the system rules/regs. But USDA thought that was the green light to approve me for benefits, so now I'm eligible for no down payment/low-interest mortgage. I'm trying to pull the same stunt with college. They said they will consult Dept. of Ed, so that may not work. But you need to sound convincing and not fall for their ignorant BS, until they have it clearly figured out and ask you for an I-94 w/parolee stamp valid for more that a year. Truth is, none of us will ever get a stamp valid for more that a year, since AP is given in 1 year increments. But FinAid reps almost always fall for near-1-year validity of the stamp and cave to your pressure. So keep working at it until you get what you want. That'/s what I intend to do. Once you are approved w/documentation for first year, you never have to go thru the exercise again with that school, since the school ultimately decides whether you are qualified. Good luck, and I'll post my progress.

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  • ajay
    04-11 03:17 PM
    Check this link:


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  • buehler
    04-30 11:38 PM

    Make sure that you work for your new employer only on a h-1. That way your spouse can be on h4. As for using AC21, in your case it is for continuing your I-485 processing and not for working for a different company. Make sure that you file your wife's 485 as soon as your dates become current. Hope that clears your doubts. (Also Don't use your email id as your user id. That is a sure shot way of getting plenty of spam)

    sundarpn, you don't need any documents from your previous employer to file your dependent's I-485.

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  • SGP
    12-11 04:09 PM
    Is upgrading to premium actually an upgrade of the existing case or is it just a new application filed under premium?

    Upgrading to Premium is actually an upgrade of existing case. It is NOT a new application. You have to pay the premium processing fees though. It feels like being back home, asking to push the file up. You know what I am trying to say.


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  • texcan
    09-17 03:06 PM
    Looks like no one is accepting my apologies :( maybe they will all come to DC and beat me up instead


    I am sure your words of encouragement were well taken by everyone.
    You did well, encouragement is encouragement....
    "Even though eagles have best flying skills...still they need a push"


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  • dan19
    11-07 02:07 PM

    Many of the threads posted here are not directly related to "Employment-Based Green Card Retrogression". Most of them are related to problems we immigrants face day after day.

    I started this thread with a good intent. Many people who are searching for jobs are lured by "flashing advertisements" in sulekha. They find out the reality only once they start working for them and "Green Card" is sponsored.

    So if each one of us can post about good consulting companies we know about, it will help the current job hunters. (By the way, as far as I know, the majority of us in this forum work as consultants rather than as full-time employees)

    And what would that list of "good consulting companies" have to do with IV? Or Employment-Based LEGAL IMMIGRATION?


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  • yabadaba
    07-23 07:09 AM

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  • nixstor
    09-27 02:27 PM
    That was a joke. I agree that DH on LD's show might help us. Your post sounded like DH should try to be on LD's show. No worries.


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  • sachinjohri
    04-03 03:11 PM
    No problem , you will get the Canadian Visa , while coming back to US , you have to show your AP

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  • WaldenPond
    12-30 02:02 PM
    For any new comprehensive immigration reform, we must push for the Ability to be able to file for EAD after labor rather than having to wait for I-140 approval.

    Do anybody know if any of the proposed bills have this provision? We must get together to push for this in the final bill as this doesn't harm anybody.



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  • veni001
    11-05 06:55 AM
    Can employer revoke 140?? It is not a visa. Ofcourse they will have to revoke an H1b, however, what is the argument that you have that indicates that employer should revoke 140?
    140 once approved belongs to the employee and can be revoked only if some fraud has been commited or rather some serious mistake. Otherwise all the employer is supposed to do is to abandon the process further or inother words they will not continue to the next stage (485) if PD were to become current.
    This is what I get from watching several discussions on various forums. If you have other information please post.

    Employer can withdraw/revoke/notify USCUS he is no longer sponsor for that particular employee for the position, similar to H1B. You better check with good immigration attorney.

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  • gccovet
    11-18 03:01 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding visitors visa, my parents got multiple Entry 10 years visa in 2007, but have not visited me so far, but this december my Mom is visitng me and in Feb my father( as to avoid harsh winter weather in East Coast), they will leave back in May 2009.

    My Question is will there be any issue as their visa was issued in 2007 but they are visiting now

    Do I need to send any new documents( I have moved onto EAD )

    Looking forward to hear suggestions.

    if they have multiple entry 10 year visa then there should be no problems. just for safe side, ask them to carry your cell number, give them you Passport photocopy, EAD photocopy. Make sure they do not show them unless asked for.


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  • gc_chahiye
    09-17 02:35 AM
    I am working with Company B on H-1b. My GC labor, I-140, I-485 and EAD is filed by Company A. Now, I am close to getting EAD in few weeks. Few say that once EAD is approved, then I have start working for Company A immediately. Others say that GC and EAD is for future employment with Company A and hence, I should start working for Company A only after GC is approved.

    So, I have two questions and need advice.

    1. When should I start working for Company A, upon approval of EAD or approval of GC.
    Ideally, I would like to start working for Company A upon approval of GC.

    2. Even, if I want to transfer EAD to Company B, the job title differs as the job title on GC is more junior than the current role.

    Please let me know if anyone has similar situation and need what the reality is when EAD is approved.


    you dont need to start working for the company that sponsored your GC until you get the GC. If USCIS ever sends an RFE that company needs to confirm to USCIS that the job offer is open to you and provide a copy of the offer letter (it should match the LC). Your intent to work for that company on getting a GC should also be obvious (ie. if you currently make 5X what that company is offering for the GC job, you might have to convince the IO that you really intend to take up that offer).

    In the meantime you can do whatever you want at company B, either on H1 or on EAD.

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  • new_horizon
    09-15 09:53 PM
    Chandu keeps opening the threads and keeps talking to himself....he is so lonely.

    get the heck out of here andy. nobody wants a looser like you. Go out & spend some time with someone you know if you are not a loner, and quit bothering others here.

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  • nkavjs
    09-25 02:12 PM
    me 2

    02-24 02:39 PM
    For those who think that this is good and will not affect them -

    What we are hearing now in the news is just the tip of the iceberg. It is just ground work to justify tougher measures against employment based immigration. If it continues, CIR will be passed giving path to citizenship to ILLEGAL immigrants without any measure for employment based immigration. Remember, the only folks who have been in influential position to support EB immigration has been big businesses (like Microsoft, Oracle) and AILA. With the rising unemployment rate, nobody will listen to these businesses. With the indictment of (even a few) cases of H-1B fraud, AILA will not be able to fight the impending tsunami against legal employment based immigrants.

    If we don't do anything illegals will be citizens while people with H-1 and even EAD will be forced to go back.

    Can't agree more. This is how it starts - Divide and Rule. First it was the TARP recipients only. Next will IT companies. Then it will be EAD and maybe finally the Green Cards.

    08-10 10:47 PM

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