Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • martinvisalaw
    04-19 02:44 PM
    Hopefully you can address the CIS concerns about where you were working by showing that the I-140 is for a future position, and it is irrelevant (for permanent residence) where you worked in the past. However, your past locations are relevant in showing whether or not you maintained H-1B status, and can also suggest that the employer's labor cert for one specific location is incomplete, if it traditionally moves employees around and if it disn't say multiple locations on the labor cert and I-140.. Good luck.

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  • Rajwaitingon140
    11-21 12:09 PM

    Could you please let me know what is the procedure to go for an SR (Service Request)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Raj
    Ur RD is dec21st.Now according to nsc processing date they r processing jan1st 2007 cases.So wait till next update if u didnt get before that u ask ur lawyer or employer to open SR.i dont think there is any paper work for that.They need to call and talk to IO and open.but i donno the procedure so check with quizzer.

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  • snathan
    08-25 10:54 PM
    Thank you for clarifying snathan. The company will definitely not do anything illegal, in fact it is the legality that is creating challenges. One other question came up today. If a qualified candidates applies for the job (PERM), does the company have to accept the candidate and let me go? All of these questions did not come up while filing EB3 but they are now concerned.

    Yes. thats the law.

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  • txh1b
    08-17 09:47 AM
    When I went for H1B stamping my B1 was cancelled and I was told one can not have more than one visa at the same time.

    That is totally wrong on whoever said that to you. One can have B1 and work visas on their passport without any problems and use it based on the nature of the trip. Only conflicting visas will likely be cancelled. Eg would be L1 and H1 at the same time for different employers. The VO could cancel the one that isn't being used.

    Either the VO that took your case wasn't well versed with the law or made a mistake.


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  • laborchic
    09-09 12:49 PM
    These references are from the statement made on 24th June 2009. Nothing after that !!!!!!!!!!

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  • dallasmbs
    07-17 05:47 PM


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  • pragir
    10-25 10:02 AM
    Does anyone have a number for the charlotte office? And info on whether a walk in can be done?

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  • Carlau
    01-24 11:55 AM
    I have a suggestion, offer your company to pay a half an hour consultation with a lawyer, such as Sonal Mehta or Hooyou or Shusterman, this way you will not only get your H-1B 3 year extension but you will save your company from paying the 1k+ attorney's fee x 3.


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  • immitul
    09-03 03:23 PM
    Hello Friends,

    Could somebody pls. help and respond to this query.

    In case of approved Change of Status from H4-H1B , when can the H1B holder apply for a SSN. Do we need to wait till Oct. 1 to apply for the SSN or can we apply earlier.

    I heard that it can take anytime between 2-8 weeks and the H1B holder is not supposed to start working till they receive the SSN.

    Thanks a lot for your help, its greatly appreciated.

    You can apply only after October 1st, since that is the day the H1B person is eligible to work (and that's what I did for my wife).

    Please cross check, if there is any way you can apply earlier.

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  • sukhmeet
    05-14 08:37 PM
    Thanks Ruben and others,

    Yes the salary requirement is ok since i have greater than 60k anyway, what are other requirements as in our company 50% people are on h1b. Is having 50% as h1b with less than 20 employees is a problem now a days from extension point of view.

    Thanks again for your reply.


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  • genscn
    07-30 01:39 PM
    Is it mention some where on USCIS website? I live in GA but since I-140 was filed at Nebraska center, My attorney sent my I-1485 at Nebraska too.


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  • GotFreedom?
    07-10 11:08 AM
    I have been facing this same situation for last 3 years. I could not work on several goverment contracts because they recognize only permanent residents to be elegible for working in those contracts although the documents for the contract said that the team members should have valid working authorization in the country. What a mess it is!!


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  • guesswho
    10-23 08:09 PM
    Anyone going to Nogales for visa, I would suggest reading my exp:

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  • glus
    11-06 02:34 PM
    Does she have EAD? If not on H1, she needs to be in EAD. (or other status like F1 etc). Otherwise she is out of status. In that case, H1 will be denied because an H1 application while out of status will lead to denial.

    She is not out of status. A person who filed I485 can not be out of status. Her status is "adjustee - AOS pending". Thanx.


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  • deepimpact
    09-21 11:50 AM
    I am sure anybodywho has a concept of fairness understands Eb3 candidate waiting for 5 years deserves to be in Eb2 just by definition of Eb2 and he is not taking any new job which means he is not displacing any new american worker.

    Per the current Labor laws, you cannot use experience gained from same employer in PERM certification unless job changes by 50%. And if the job changes by 50% then it is a new Job and you are replacing a potential American worker. And if you are still doing the same job, then even though you have gained 5 yrs experience, your job requirements did not change(ie B.S + no experience). The EB category is determined based on what is the requirement for your job rather than your qualifiction.

    That is why the provision of porting is a case by case item rather than a blanket rule applying to anyone in EB3 for 5+ years. And the backlash won't be from a few EB2 folks (it will be about a 100K folks).;)

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  • chansek
    07-22 02:08 AM
    rajeshiv, Thank you for your response. I mean, i used my personnel check (My Checking A/C with Chase) to pay the I-485, EAD and Advance Parole fees.

    Please let me know if this cause any problems.

    Thank you for all your help.


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  • krishnam70
    02-27 02:03 PM
    I just got my I-140 approval and my priority date is 02/2008. I fall in the "All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed" EB3 and the March bulletin PD is 01MAY05. My lawyer is telling me I cant apply yet and since I am 2 semesters away from completing my Master's I should finish the course and just apply in the EB2 class. I dont have the funds to apply for this whole damn thing all over again. Can someone please help!? I've honestly turned suicidal dealing with this BS..

    Mr Haider

    Please give the entire facts of the case before asking for advise.
    1. You said your I-140 is cleared, that means u might be working currently or did they apply as future employee
    2. What does your master's have to do with your EB3 application? if you already filed in Eb3 and your date is current there is no point in waiting for completion of the masters and then filing in EB2. Either the attorney is drunk or you are not giving the entire information.

    Please give all relevant info and hopefully somebody can guide you. If you feel your attorney is messing you up, you can file for your 485 by yourself if you company agrees.

    either way we need more details to help you dude

    - cheers

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  • sukhmeet
    05-11 02:08 AM

    My first 3 years h1b period started in oct 2006 but i got my h1b stamped in Jan 2007 (due to delay in getting dates at chennai consulate and a 221g), i entered country in Feb 2007.

    Since then I am working with a small size consulting company but it is not a typical consulting company where people do sub contracting, i am full time employee so instead of getting hourly salaries we get full time salary (bi-weekly). My employer is a partner to one of the top known IT organization (in Top 5 in US). The business model works this way that the top known IT company (product company) makes products and our company (being partner) provide service solutions.

    So generally speaking our projects depend upon how and when top known IT company client's gives small assignments to us to come and do work on-site, we get projects from 5 days on-site to 6 months and it is not known to us in advance, but yes we are payed always whether we are on-site doing a project or in office doing more research or learning things, so in summary my company is consulting but consulting to a specific product company's clients.

    So in Summary
    Client's of Top known (product Company), gives projects to top known company and the top known company passes it to our company (some time they do it internally too).

    Here are some of the benefits my company provides to its employees:

    1. Bi-weekly salary (we are payed always, no matter we are on client site or not)
    2. Employer contribution to 401 K.
    3. Payed Vacations, sick and personal leaves
    4. Medical and Dental Insurance Contributions (Major chunk payed by employer)
    5. Tutions and certification reimbursements.

    We just have strength of around 18-20 people currently half of them are US citizens and rest half are skilled h1b. My Employer is in business from last 15 years with less than 10 Million in revenue.

    My concerns:

    My first three years of h1b is getting expired on 30 Sept 2009, my employer have to file my h1b extension:

    a. Filing h1b extensionfor first time is a problem? can there be concerns?

    b. Looking at lot of posts at various immigration sites, i have watched a common trend that uscis is asking for client letter, project details etc for next three years in our case as i had explained we are not always sure what is coming our way and duration can be very short or very long but definitely we have assignments, so in this case if they come back to us asking for client letter or project details what should we be doing?

    c. If i get in worst situation where if i file my extension now and doesn't get approval by sept 2009, then after that if i get an RFE or something....can i file my h1b transfer with some other organization (after i-94 expires), or i can't file for h1b transfer after i-94 expires? please note: My employer will file regular h1b extension only and not premium
    h1b extension.

    d. Shall we file for my extension asap ?

    I really don't have any problem with my employer and really wants to stick with them since they are genuine consulting company who provides all benefits a good employer too.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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  • serega
    04-21 11:10 AM
    I'm in the process of convincing my FinAid rep that I am eligible with only EAD/I-485 pending/A# (no I-94 w/parolee stamp). It worked for a secondary verification for my mortgage guaranteed by USDA (Agriculture Dept.). They use the same USCIS SAVE system for verification. The truth is no one knows how to do this. My FinAid rep admitted to never having to do this. What happens when they institute a secondary check thru SAVE is it only says EAD valid, so all it does is verify your status, but does not actually notify the agency that you are eligible for any benefits - it says so in the system rules/regs. But USDA thought that was the green light to approve me for benefits, so now I'm eligible for no down payment/low-interest mortgage. I'm trying to pull the same stunt with college. They said they will consult Dept. of Ed, so that may not work. But you need to sound convincing and not fall for their ignorant BS, until they have it clearly figured out and ask you for an I-94 w/parolee stamp valid for more that a year. Truth is, none of us will ever get a stamp valid for more that a year, since AP is given in 1 year increments. But FinAid reps almost always fall for near-1-year validity of the stamp and cave to your pressure. So keep working at it until you get what you want. That'/s what I intend to do. Once you are approved w/documentation for first year, you never have to go thru the exercise again with that school, since the school ultimately decides whether you are qualified. Good luck, and I'll post my progress.

    09-23 12:19 AM
    I would be willing to join your chapter too - good we are doing something in Oklahoma. I will email you at

    02-21 02:11 PM
    The timing also depends on which country you belong to. Fill out he profile as much as possible. That helps a bit.

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