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hugh laurie wife

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  • WeldonSprings
    05-01 09:22 PM

    When did you apply the card. Was it NSC or TSC and did you e-file.


    They are just mistaking his EAD card for PR card. My EAD was approved on April 27 and the status says
    "Card production ordered/Oath Document sent".

    It is just misleadig for a lot of people they can misread it as the PR card.

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  • vnanjunda
    07-16 12:27 PM
    No Problems at Dullas Airport, I weant to india twice with AP they never asked about my employer.

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  • franklin
    02-13 10:49 AM
    That is not true. It CAN count... according to PERM guidelines (from

    "On-the-job experience with same employer is allowed for positions that are not "substantially comparable," meaning more then 50%, different from the original employment position."

    So if you are a Software Engineer and get promoted to Sr. Software Engineer or Product Manager then as long as you can prove that your job duties are 50%+ different than the old position, you can use that experience provided it helps you meet job requirements for the senior level position.

    Also see this:

    "Experience Gained on the Job

    PERM did not eliminate the ability of the foreign national beneficiary of the labor certification to qualify using experience gained with the same employer as long as the prior job was not �substantially comparable� to the labor certification position. A job will be considered �substantially comparable� if it �requires performance of the same job duties more than 50 percent of the time.�

    Apparently, experience gained with an overseas parent company, U.S. affiliate, or predecessor company will not be considered experience gained with the same employer. This is based on the definition of �employer� as an entity with a particular Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). This means that experience gained with an overseas parent, affiliate, etc. may now be used to satisfy the experience component of a PERM labor certification application."

    Interesting! Thanks for the correction

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  • JunRN
    12-18 05:35 PM
    So USCIS is still reviewing I-140 even at I-485 stage. That is scary if your I-485 is at different service center than your I-140 approval.

    This is really a very scary ride. Hope we can all survive.


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  • peer123
    06-07 05:33 PM
    SA1249 amendment was it voted....

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  • agiyer
    02-06 05:31 PM
    I have a question regarding voluntary work and the legalities when you are on a H4 spouse visa.
    A Private company is ready to sponsor a candidate who is currently on H4 visa (spouse visa) for the H1-B visa in April.
    But since the H1-B visa will only be given in Oct, can the H4 person work with that Pvt. Company from April to Oct voluntarily without any form of pay in cash or kind till the candidate gets the H1-B in Oct and then continue with that company?

    Thanks & Regards,


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  • Libra
    11-15 12:03 PM
    My PD is also Mar 2005, EB2. And i am not going to get GC anytime sooner, unless we work on it. In my signature there is a link for MN group click on that and join state chapter. update your profile with phone number, so that we can contact you.

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  • iv_newbie_2007
    06-16 07:16 PM
    I am currently living in the US on H4. I will be getting my H1 approval in a couple of weeks.

    What will be my status till Oct 1st from the day my H1 is approved?

    Do they send a change of status to me as soon as I get my H1 approval? Or do I need to apply for change of status to H1 after I get approval?

    What will happen if I APPLY for my EAD (from my husband,being on H4) before my H1 is approved?

    What will happen to my H1 APPROVAL before Oct 1st, if my EAD gets approved on Sept 1st?

    What will happen if I get my I20 before I apply for EAD or before my H1 is approved?

    Please help me out.



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  • eb3_nepa
    02-24 04:41 PM
    Everyone, any idea where Sunil Joshi is these days? Havent seen a post from him in a while. Is his handle different?

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  • golucki
    07-27 11:57 AM


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  • gcfriend65
    12-06 09:27 AM
    I have my I-140 waiting at NSC from May 01, 2006. On Dec. 05, 2006, I-140 processing time shows as June 01, 2006. Since, it was more than 30 days, my employer called the National Service Center number and they opened a service request and told me to wait 45 days. My lawyer says that USCIS takes 45 days at a minimum to reply, but normally it is 90 days.

    Is there anyone out there, who know how to track this service requests or have any experiences with them.

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  • GC_1000Watt
    12-03 04:50 PM
    Dude! Just go with confidence and you'll be fine. Have all the documents with you. Have your pay-stubs handy with you.
    I attended visa interview at Mumbai consulate during last week of Aug. 2010. I was asked questions on my client, my job responsibilities and was asked how does my H1B holding company supervises my work at client site.
    I was also asked to show my last 3 pay-stubs. Good luck!
    Hello All,

    I heard from my employer that many people who are visiting India for H1B Stamping are getting stuck with 221G query. My company lawyers have suggested us to cancel or postpone all the travel plans to India.

    Did any of you have any recent stamping experience at Mumbai Consulate? I would appreciate if you can share it on this forum.



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  • reachinus
    08-21 09:05 AM
    If you have the ead card, the file #/card# will tell you which center was your EAD fiiled. To get an approximate date using the online case status search for the file number in the approximate range as yours. For Eg. if you card # is EAC 07 043 52343 - then the center is Vermont, Filed in Fisical year 07 ( Oct -06 - Sep 07) 043 is the 43rd working day in FY07 and 52343 is the case number.

    Hope this helps.

    I am filing for my EAD renewal and had a quick question...I have an EAD card from when I was in college and did my OPT. The problem though is that I do not have some of the details that they ask for while filing EAD renewal, such as what Center was it processed at & what was the application date.

    I have already called USCIS & they cant pull up what center my EAD was filed at or the date it was filed. Can anyone suggest what I should do in this situation? What do I put in the form? Does anyone have similar experiences?

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  • dan19
    08-28 03:16 PM
    PD: Sept 2002

    I guess you filed EB3. I was in same situation with BS and MS in Industrial engineering. my I-140 got approved a year ago without any problem. I am waiting for visa number ROW Oct2003. What is your PD?


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  • jq45
    06-15 10:11 AM
    Medical Examination I-693 ( D&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)
    On this link it says the following:

    Edition Date :
    9/16/05. Previous editions accepted

    I'm a confused by that. So 9/16/05 is the revision date, and both the new form that expires 5/31/08 as well as the current one that expires 06/30/07 have that says revision 9/16/05. So it looks like it's the identical form except for the expiry date and OMB number.

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  • Khujaokutta
    05-15 05:25 PM
    This gentleman is Feb 06 and is worried about his wife's GC not being approved, while folks and a lot of 'Janta' like us have PD's before his, and are still waiting............makes me more and more dukheeeee.........


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  • rameshvaid
    08-16 12:26 PM

    I am currently holding L1 and B1 visa from a company A. Now some company B has applied for my H1 Visa. If I get H1b visa, does both L1 and B1 get cancelled.


    My son was on B1 and then on H4. B1 was stamped in 2000 for 10 years. He was with me in US for 4 years and had 1 stamping of H4 in his passport after 2000. He moved to Canada in 2005 but still visits me on B1 which was issued to him before his H4 stamping and B1 was never cancelled. I am not sure about L1..


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  • gcwait2007
    02-16 11:26 PM
    Even though it cost you, I would prefer to keep one's own attorney.

    If not, you are repeating the same old story. What if you plan to move from this second employer...

    So, please find your own attorney. All that you need from new employer is offer letter and he is filing h1b with the same job title.

    Good luck.

    Can I invoke AC21 by using H1-B transfer?

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  • martinvisalaw
    10-22 03:27 PM
    So when she appears for H-4 interview in consulate in India, will there be any questions on her H1 stay in US? Is there a chance of her H-4 getting denied in case if the officer finds her out of status stay?

    It is unlikely. The officer will know that she violated status, because she must disclose this on the DS-156 or DS-160, whichever she will use.

    Does she need to show proof of her in-status stay while in US for appearing for H-4 interview?
    No, thankfully, because she can't

    Are we allowed to appear for our interviews at any consulate in India or are we restricted to appear only that consulate which is in my area of jurisdiction?

    You need to check the consulate requirements on this. They vary widely, and change frequently.

    09-01 01:02 AM

    I see that RFE is requested on my I-485 along with my wife application. I haven't received the notice yet. Could you please let me know if any july 2007 filers have RFEs on their cases.

    Help is much appriciated.


    08-26 05:03 PM
    AFAIK, if the MS degree is from an US accredited institution and your new EB-2 job requires a MS degree, then yes, your new employer can start the EB-2 process for you. Once you have a US Masters, it doesn't matter what your earlier educational qualifications are. Key thing here is that your EB-2 job MUST require a Masters degree.

    .....and none of the accredited universities give you admission to MS unless you have bachelor's degree, and most of the online MS degrees are not from ABET accredited universities, please get all the information about the degree before you pay any FEE:o

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