Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • Fugu
    01-11 03:02 PM
    The company should really have changed your husband to H-1B before the end of his 6th year in L-1 status. You count L-1 and H-1B time together to get a maximum of 6 years H-1B. Since he has almost used 6 years, and the cap has been reached for h-1Bs, he cannot change now. If the permanent residence (PR) process had been filed before the end of his 5th year, and he had changed to H-1B, he could get 7th+ year H-1B extensions while the PR process was ongoing. Unfortunately, there are no such extensions for L-1 holders, so that once they reach the end of their maximum stay, they must leave.

    The company could file for your husband's PR while he is outside the US, and this is worth discussing.

    Thank you for your reply.

    The reason that we chose to go the L1A route instead of the H1B is that we do not plan on living in the US forever, if it was possible to just keep continuing extending our visa then we would as it is the cheaper option for the company and gives us more freedom.

    Choosing the L1A instead of the H1B gave us up to 7 years instead of 6 before we have to apply for PR.

    I was under the impression you could apply for PR from and L1A, I am confused with your reply, why can we not apply for PR from an L1A? If the processing times are shorter then maybe it could be processed before our visa expiration.


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  • langagadu
    02-27 02:39 PM
    I like your handle though, haider420

    I just got my I-140 approval and my priority date is 02/2008. I fall in the "All Charge-ability Areas Except Those Listed" EB3 and the March bulletin PD is 01MAY05. My lawyer is telling me I cant apply yet and since I am 2 semesters away from completing my Master's I should finish the course and just apply in the EB2 class. I dont have the funds to apply for this whole damn thing all over again. Can someone please help!? I've honestly turned suicidal dealing with this BS..

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  • sunty
    07-11 05:18 PM
    [QUOTE=PS: The whiners brigade who think USCIS moved EB2 forward to make money out of EAD should know now[/QUOTE]

    Maybe I am missing something here...Why do people think its a USCIS conspiracy to move PD forward...If someone's PD is current and he/she gets a 1 year EAD again, they will pay the $360 fee if they filed their I-485 before July 30, 2007, but they don't have to pay the fee again even if they get just a 1 year EAD...only they might have to do is to file the EAD application again next year WITHOUT the fee...

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  • jonenike3333
    05-20 12:22 AM
    We are beneficiaries of my husband on a EB3 petition. due to retrogression issue,


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  • nhfirefighter13
    December 31st, 2004, 05:11 PM
    Nice work. I definately like the second shot better with the red bulbs. You could try to rig up a "tent" over and around the sides of the shot with white sheets and put some lights shining thru that. That would give you a bit more consistency and cut down on the specular highlights a bit (although they are not bad by any means in either of these shots.

    Another option would be to go for a really slow shutter speed and use a flashlight to "paint" the glasses. This sort of thing takes a lot of practice but I've seen some excellent shots done by this method.

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  • rp0lol
    04-13 01:29 PM
    Congratulations.. Keep supporing IV in future.


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  • gk_2000
    08-03 09:50 PM
    Let me try to make a humble suggestion here - why don't you try writing a really short and direct letter, so that even the laziest guy cannot help but read it?

    For example:

    Respected Mr. Senator

    I would like to draw your attention to the bill <blah blah> which is very important from the point of view of people waiting in line to be legal immigrants

    I wish that you lend your valuable support to this bill as it will help eliminate the backlogs and delays in issuing green cards to people from retrogressed countries like myself. This is essential to ensure that all people are treated equally irrespective of their country of birth

    Even if he reads just the first para it will be clear who we are and what we want..

    Or call them up if possible

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-06 02:39 PM
    Does she have EAD? If not on H1, she needs to be in EAD. (or other status like F1 etc). Otherwise she is out of status. In that case, H1 will be denied because an H1 application while out of status will lead to denial.

    There is no mention from the original poster that she was out of status at any time. Also, one need not have an EAD, just to be in status. Your GC (i-485) is for future job, so, technically you can just sit at home...till you get the GC. But you must have a permanent offer letter from the GC sponsored company.


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  • canmt
    11-14 03:01 PM
    This could mean that USCIS has started to processing I-485 applications faster and you'll get your green card as soon as FBI clears the name check...

    Good luck on your green card pursuit...

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  • siddar
    11-09 04:38 PM
    So hypothetically:
    person has approved 140 from comp-A but moves to comp-B
    A revokes the H-visa and 140.
    The person can still extend for 3 years, through B using the approved 140 (from A).
    This can continue till the day the persons PD becomes current?

    It makes sence because once the 140 is approved and 485 is not yet applied for, there is essentially "no application pending" for this person on which they can issue and RFE, right?

    However, when he tries to extend using the older (comp-A) 140, cant the CIS issue and RFE for evidence from comp A that they still intend to hire this person in future??

    If the company cancels the I-140, that means the company is not supporting your GC, plain and simple. I-140 should be in good standing and approvable for extending the H1b status.


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  • jayleno
    10-03 01:27 PM
    Guys...have a nice weekend. Can you tell that I'm trying not to say "Bump"???:)

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  • coolpal
    02-06 10:20 AM
    We filed for 485 in 2007 july fiasco... and so far, we never received FPs for me or my wife..
    my lawyer called the TSC a couple of times, and I called at least 3 times, and all the time, they say it is fine, and they will contact me if they need anything. We got our EADs and APs renewed as well, but never received FPs...

    Every time I contacted them and explained the problem, they would open up a case to investigate and they send us letters a couple of months later saying my application is within the current processing times...

    I am hoping this is only normal, and there are others out there in the same boat as mine...
    Am I wrong in assuming so? Let me know if there is anything I should do?

    pal :)


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  • greyhair
    05-19 07:46 AM
    Another way to look at this - Someone in Eb-3 China is filing lawsuit to take away green card numbers from India.

    I am very interested in reading the contents of this lawsuit because I suspect it argues that less visa numbers are allocated to China which means the lawsuit is saying more visa numbers are allocated to another country, which is most likely India. So the lawsuit is saying stop allocating as much visas to India.

    People in this forum are blinded by their bias towards USCIS. Anytime anyone says or does anything against USCIS, this group tends to have a predictable reaction applauding the act. People running immigration businesses are very clever. Some of them have figured this out. That is why specific lawyers send out newsletters which literally belittle everything USCIS. Everyone here go estatic jumping with joy to see this lawyer berate USCIS in newsletters. All that he is doing is pandering to his customer base, even when behind the scene he is actually licking the boots of USCIS.

    My take is - it is not a good idea to jump the gun every time USCIS is sued because last time someone said "Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai", it did not turn out well for Indians.

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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 06:27 PM
    Guys, I can see the energy level drop down after the HR 5882 did not pass in the Judiciary Committee. However we have to keep trying and part of that effort is keep working with lobbyists through IV core. During the next 6-9 months we need to collect enough money so that when the time comes IV Core is able to lobby hard on our behalf and get the necessary measures passed.

    On that note I am starting this thread for people who would like to contribute $50 or more. It is the 1st of the month and all of us got our paychecks, so no reason not to.(Remember Feed the Pig Ad? Well IV is as important as feeding the pig - so please do your part).

    Additionally for every $2500 collected I will put in an additional $50.


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  • puskeygadha
    06-04 09:49 AM
    it will take 5-6 months from now atleast

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  • thomachan72
    06-13 02:36 PM
    Polk1848: Stop patronizing us. Your condescending attitude won't go far on this forum. Each one of IV member is a quintessential American in the making. We understand the American dream far better then many born American citizen, who think everybody else owe them something just because they were born in USA. We, on the other hand are living and moving towards the classic American dream. A good start will be to join us in our cause instead of demanding we oppose Hispanics or undocumented immigrants.
    I appreciate your clarity of thought and very good sense of direction. Many of us seem to have lost that and are directionless now. Keep it up!!


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  • Lasantha
    05-04 12:35 PM
    Hi all,

    I received an RFE on my I-140. I responded to NSC last week with what was requested in RFE. NSC acknowledged receipt of my response. How long do you think it would take for them to take a decision on my case (non-premium process).


    In my non PP case, they took exactly 60 days as they said they would.

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  • sriramkalyan
    02-06 11:22 AM
    So what ... r u scared will be deported ...

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  • lonedesi
    10-20 03:27 PM
    Thank you guys for all your responses. Appreciate you letting me know your experience in this regard.

    08-10 03:42 PM
    You are right that to get registered in US I would have to marry in US. That's why I was asking if I even need to get it registered in US to file for my green card. Response I got on this forum was Indian registration certificate is fine.

    I want to restate that I got my green card on August 9th 2010. So I need to be married prior to this date for my wife to derive her green card status using mine.


    I think you will be fine as long as the marriage happened before your 485 got approved - which in your case is true. However, IMO since your wife is not here in US right now, you will need to do file her AOS via consular processing...

    09-14 03:37 PM
    Follow Your Heart

    Lets Go To Dc

    Everyone To Dc

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