Monday, June 13, 2011

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  • mrdelhiite
    01-30 08:50 PM
    FYI Florida already gives only 1 year licences no matter how long is ur Legal visa status is valid f1/h1/h4/ any other kind .... they also write "temporary" on bold red color currently on ur licence.


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  • kabeer_g
    08-10 03:39 PM
    You are right that to get registered in US I would have to marry in US. That's why I was asking if I even need to get it registered in US to file for my green card. Response I got on this forum was Indian registration certificate is fine.

    I want to restate that I got my green card on August 9th 2010. So I need to be married prior to this date for my wife to derive her green card status using mine.


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    08-18 08:54 AM
    Sorry.. I just received the letter received from USCIS.. Its mentioned as "NOTICE TO INTENT TO DENY(NOID)".

    The reason specified in the letters:

    - Section 203(b)(2)(A)
    - 8 C.F.R 204.5(l)(3)(ii)(C)

    Please advise me what to next..! Is there any chance of a positive result.?


    Thank you..


    So its not denied. They are asking you to provide more documentation. MTR is not necessary

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  • lsuk
    03-16 09:38 AM
    Hi, you may want to check out attorney Ksenija Kokanovic at I can definitely recommend her as she helped me with my case.


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  • rama_mvs
    07-18 03:45 PM
    I have worked for the same employer who filed my 485 as future employment for more than 6 years. He filed for H1 extension in last November'2006. It got denied in June'2007. But he send this denial as Motion to Reopen Case . For my safety I filed another H1 with another employer during this time and I am working for the new employer.
    My 140 got approved when I am with my old employer itself. Now he is filing 485 for me as Future employment.
    My question is after I receive AC21 and also after six months of receiving the receipt for 485 . Can I jump to another company or is it advisable to work for the company who filed my I-485 until I get my Green card or for how many months ?

    Ram :mad:

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  • Administrator2
    12-05 04:22 PM
    Here is a link to update your profile - you could pick a new state of residence.

    Hope this answers your question.


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  • bijualex29
    06-22 07:53 AM
    I-485 can be rejected if filed with incomplete initial evidence.

    Folks, it is the time for us to be more careful than even to make sure that our lawyer files I-485 correctly. With there mistake, we can really get screwed up. All they can say one word �Sorry�.

    It happened to me while filing for H-1 extension, I got only one year extension, based on Labor pending whereas my I-140 was approved at that time, they refilled at no cost to me with 3 year extension.

    Here in I-485, refilling will not be possible, since by the time we get the receipt notice, the date might have moved back already.

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  • adobe howm
    09-05 12:46 PM

    It should come with in a week. It all depends on whether you filed your I-485 through attorney or not. For me they send it on 08/29/08. My attorneys informed me on 09/04/2008.

    Hope that helps

    Well - not really.

    I was issued on 20th, Aug. but neither me nor my attorney got no clue. some received it within a week but some like me - 2 weeks passed already but still waiting. hope you will get yours soon. please share here when you do so.


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  • jnraajan
    03-20 04:46 PM
    How many of you support this idea ?

    Rally in DC in the morning and Fasting till 5PM in front of the capitol.

    I brought up this fasting idea a few days back, but never gathered much support.

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  • JunRN
    12-17 04:02 PM
    Let me answer:

    During your application for naturalization, USCIS will look at your old files and see if you work for the new employer (if AC21 is used) after getting the GC.

    If you didn't send a Memo, then in the USCIS file, it will show the original petitioner as your employer.

    If you send a Memo, then in USCIS file, it will show the new employer using AC21 as your employer.

    What is the difference? USCIS will ask for proof on your naturalization application that you work for the employer (that is in their file) right after getting the GC.

    If in USCIS file it shows the original petitioner and not the AC21 employer, then you cannot prove that you work for the original employer after getting the GC.

    If in USCIS file it shows the AC21 employer, then you can prove that you work for the AC21 employer after getting the GC.

    Remember that you must work for the employer for 180 days after getting the GC. The word "employer" means whatever is in USCIS file.


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  • pankaj_singal
    08-20 08:22 PM
    only word for this is RIDICULOUS.....

    USCIS is really playing basket ball with my case. I am desperately to know why ? (NSC->TSC->CSC->TSC)

    History of events

    July 21, 2007: Filed I485 with NSC

    Sometime between July , 2007 and Aug , 2007: Case Transferred to TSC

    July 21 2008: Case Transferred to CSC : Reason given "To speed up processing"

    Aug 14, 2008 : Case Transfered to TSC : No reason given.

    Anybody in same boat ?

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  • masterfender
    04-27 09:28 PM
    receiving RFE during 485 stage has become more of a common thing. Dont worry about it. Once you get the letter, prepare a response with the right evidence with the help of the attorney, and you should be fine.

    Thank you very much. I'm just too nervous about this. I want to get it over with this. Thank you for your positive supports.


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  • krishnam70
    05-05 04:16 PM
    I still don't have my GC(based on an Engineering position) but took up a managerial position within the same organization.. IMO, its a risk worth taking.. If I were you, I would take the new position, switch over to EAD and not apply for the H1B extension..

    If USCIS issues an RFE asking for 'Continued Employment offer' or Evidence of Employment? or for that matter when he applies for an EAD/AP renewal he needs to support it with a letter of employment from the current employer.

    If at any stage USCIS determines the candidate is actually working in a different category that which the LCA was applied for my interpretation is its ground for denial.

    I will leave it to the experts to argue the merits or demerits of this
    Good luck though
    - cheers

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  • fullerene
    07-17 06:11 PM
    We shall continue our work by writing letters to lawmakers.
    They shall freeze the VB at May so people come out from LC Backlog can have a chance to file 485.
    They shall allocate all unused Visa numbers in previous years to people stay in backlog for years.
    They shall revise the current Name Check procedure so the process can be done predictably.
    They shall increase visa number cap and soften the country limits.
    They shall pass SKILL BILL...

    We have only a couple weeks before the summer recession. We need to keep our solidarity to make our dream true.


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  • ryan
    05-27 03:22 AM
    Attny said: If we port to this new 140. IF in case its rejected, then since this 140 is linked to my old 485 application, it will not be adjusted.

    I was not agreed. Then they said, According to Nebraska service center, in Nov 2010 - They are not entertaining adjusting pending 485 with newly ported but rejected 140.

    So, Attny said, for safe , since I am no longer on h1, they suggested to port after second 140 approved.

    How ever, I need to make this is false. Still I dont agree this logic.

    May I make a sincere suggestion. Please, go back to school, take a course in English grammar, writing mechanisms and reading comprehension. People can better respond to you, when they understand whatever is it you are asking. You may also be able to file as a qualified EB2 applicant. No pun intended.

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-18 10:52 AM

    with all due respect, I really doubt if this is the bet way to get people to donate. Calling people cheap is not a nice thing and generally not recommended.

    I know your intentions are good and ...

    Howzzat there is a CLEAR clause in that statement

    "If we cannot even contribute $10 a month". There is a clear IF in that statement. And yes after all that IV has done and all the advantage IV members have obtained FREE OF COST just by sitting on the fence (on their behinds), while the core team, who by the way have full time jobs AND families, slogged MORE THAN FULL TIME to get IV's very first goal to be achieved, THEN I say I am FULLY JUSTIFIED in calling those people CHEAP.


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  • greencardfever
    08-15 01:17 AM

    I'm considering relocating back to India after getting my EAD since I don't know how long it's going to take to actually get the I-485 approved. My questions are:

    1) Is it possible to continue to keep my I-485 application active if I relocate to India and work at the India office of the same company that filed my green card?

    2) Is it possible to continue to keep my I-485 application active if I relocate to India and work for a company other than the one that filed my green card?

    3) Lets say I move back to India after getting the green card, is it enough to simply enter the US once a year to keep my green card active? Can I apply for citizenship after 5 years of having the green card, even though I haven't resided in the US for those 5 years?

    I'd really appreciate it if someone could please answer these questions for me.


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  • pappu
    09-18 09:21 AM
    Immigration Voice would like to request members of its community stuck in the green card process that are scientists, researchers, professors and working in the area of national importance. Basically anything that will benefit this country in any way (economically, health related, sciences etc)

    We would like make a strong case via media through such interviews and if we are successful in getting such interviews published, these media interviews would be used when presentations are made to lawmakers.

    If you know of any such people please pass on this message.

    Please respond with a brief detail about yourself and your contact information to jap219001 at and himanshu at

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  • tempy
    09-22 09:29 AM
    Thanks Pagal. I guess I'll wait for it to resolve. I don't know why USPS sends back this mail while delivering that all other mail.


    The cards and notices for my family did multiple rounds of 'undelivered' mail .... ...

    08-17 09:09 AM

    I am currently holding L1 and B1 visa from a company A. Now some company B has applied for my H1 Visa. If I get H1b visa, does both L1 and B1 get cancelled.


    Your L1 will be CWPed for sure. I went for H1B stamping multiple times, my B1 was not CWPed

    07-16 10:47 AM
    Here is the full article.

    U.S. to Reverse
    Some Denials
    Of Work Visas
    July 16, 2007; Page A2

    Looking to resolve a messy immigration tangle, the U.S. government is close to announcing that it will accept at least some applications for work-based green cards that were filed by thousands of skilled workers in early July at the government's invitation and then abruptly rejected.

    Tens of thousands of skilled workers, many of them in the U.S. on temporary H1B visas, responded to an official invitation, in a June 12 "visa bulletin" issued by the State Department, to take the final step in July toward attaining U.S. permanent residency. That sent workers, their families and their employers scrambling to compile paperwork and meet other requirements such as medical exams. Normally, eligible employment-sponsored workers wait years for their numbers to be called.

    Then, July 2, as applications poured into processing centers, the State Department announced in a bulletin "update" that no employment-based immigrant visas were left for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 because of "sudden backlog reduction" by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. USCIS announced it would reject applications that it received.

    People familiar with the situation say that officials are working out the final details of a plan that would at least partially rectify the problem.

    It isn't clear, however, whether the immigration agency will now accept all applications and process them later, accept only those that have arrived, or come up with some other approach.

    The July 2 decision provoked outrage among immigration lawyers, foreign workers and their employers. July 5, Microsoft Corp. announced that it plans soon to open a software-development center in Vancouver, Canada, with a view to "recruit and retain highly skilled people affected by immigration issues in the U.S." The announcement sent a clear signal to the government of the high-tech industry's dissatisfaction with the visa situation.

    July 6, a large Chicago immigration law firm filed a lawsuit seeking class-action status against the government. Separately, the American Immigration Law Foundation, a nonprofit group, said it will file this week its own suit seeking class-action status.

    Meanwhile, disgruntled green-card applicants cried foul, saying they had been unfairly treated by the government despite playing by the rules.

    July 10, they registered their disappointment at the immigration system by dispatching hundreds of flower bouquets to the office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services chief Emilio Gonzalez.

    The next day, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), whose district includes Silicon Valley, sent a letter to Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff requesting "all correspondence, emails, memoranda, notes, field guidance or other documentation" leading to the immigration system's about-face July 2.

    The problem may have resulted from a communications breakdown between the State Department, which issues a monthly bulletin detailing who is eligible to file a green-card application, and USCIS, which processes the visa applications. The State Department has said that its role is to ensure that every visa slot available is used. In the past, however, the immigration agency has failed to use all of the slots.

    Write to Miriam Jordan at

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