Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • murali3000
    03-13 01:56 PM
    I got soft LUD on my and my wife 485 on 02/10/2009
    I called USCIS they said , it is an batch update - no information they can provide. I am not sure what it means.
    Does any one else got soft LUD around this date ?

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  • hibworker
    07-26 03:55 PM
    Your situation isn't too tough.

    Yes you will need a new F1 visa to re-enter. Nobody knows your chances of rejection, just take all the docs and hope for the best.

    If your F1 gets rejected then you can come back on valid H4 - I don't think they will cancel other valid visas. However once you are back here you'll have to again apply for a COS to

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  • sledge_hammer
    08-07 02:50 PM

    Pop star Lily Allen has had her US work visa cancelled after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport.
    The 22-year-old, who is due to tour America in September, had flown in for the MTV Video Music Awards launch.

    A spokesman for the singer said: "She's still in America. All her commitments will carry on as normal. The work visa will be sorted out by her next visit."

    She was held at the airport for five hours in connection with an arrest for an alleged assault in London in June.

    The arrest arose from an incident outside a London nightclub in March and resulted in a caution for common assault.

    She flew into the US from Australia on Sunday to attend Tuesday's announcement of the award nominations in Las Vegas.

    An MTV spokesperson has confirmed the star will still attend the awards show.

    "Lily was questioned and her work visa was revoked," Allen's spokesman said. "She was detained for five hours but not strip searched. Understandably she was upset by it."

    Allen will need a new work visa before she returns to the US on 6 September, when she is due to play in San Diego.

    In a statement the singer said: "I am trying everything I can to sort this out.

    "It is my intention to play my American dates in September. This depends on the authorities granting me a new work visa.

    "I want my fans to know that I will do everything I can to be back in America in September. I don't like letting my fans down and this is a situation that I am sure we can sort."

    Allen's previous stay in the US was cut short when she postponed 20 dates from her tour in May and June because she was "bored slightly" and wanted to get back to work in the studio.

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  • miguy
    08-27 10:12 PM
    bump....603 views and only 3 replies:confused:


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  • golgappa
    11-17 04:59 PM
    talk to some lawyers, or research internet, there are some number of days, after your visa expiry or H1B rejection that you need to pack and leave...find out if that applies to your case..

    also when you got approval was it having new I-94 attached to it..or was it approved for consular processing..

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  • kghoshal
    12-31 05:28 PM
    Consult attorney Murthy with new memo, she may help you. It is my personal opinion.


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  • skarthy
    11-27 04:41 PM
    Hi ,
    My wife is in this situation where she would like to travel to Canada to see her sister.
    We applied for 485 and have got out EAD( did not apply for AP, thinking of appying now.)
    She has a H1B stamping from her old employer's H1, valid till 2009. She moved to a new company and the H1 there is pending.

    Can she travel to Canada and comeback showing her old stamping ?

    Are we abandoning the current H1 if we go out while its pending ?

    She just wants to see her sister and they wont let them visit either. :(

    Thanks a bunch for your time.

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  • alterego
    08-04 07:50 PM
    I'm not sure, but it does not sound like something positive. The only positive might be that they are looking at your file instead of putting it in some warehouse somewhere. I came across this thread where people were discussing this issue last year. You might want to take a look, there apparently were a variety of guesses for this. However it might be some sort of internal check/audit.


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  • jelo
    02-10 10:31 AM
    Just could have been a clerical error. Even this is my guess. Because I am running out of reasons for triggering that question.
    Thanks alot for responding

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  • thehulkdeals
    04-11 09:49 PM
    Hi all, I need help in explaining my situation if someone can help me . Here is my info that I know
    EB3 ROW
    PD : April 6, 2006 (PERM)
    July Filer.
    i140 and i485 July 2007 (Received by USCIS Texas Center September 10, 2007)
    AP and EAD received September 2007

    I want to understand the process so I can know the meaning of the Visa bulletin based on my situation.
    I am guessing that right now I will have to wait for my i140 to be approved first before I can talk about i485. I checked the processing time for i140 at TSC and it is August 15, 2007. Any crazy estimate when I should get the approval?

    Once my i140 is approved then I can look and match my PD with the visa bulletin EB3 ROW for adjustment of status.

    I know there would be some more steps than these above. But are these statement above correct/incorrect?

    Thank you very much


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  • madhu345
    03-28 02:30 PM
    Core Team please advice.

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  • thakkarbhav
    11-17 12:19 PM
    I guess you need GC to apply for UnEmployment benefits....Is it correct?


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  • stillalone
    12-15 09:29 AM
    Hi Phani
    Thanks for your reply.. not UNVA its ITU.

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  • needhelp!
    10-12 11:01 AM
    for TX members!


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  • Mirage_GC
    06-23 05:18 PM
    I fully respect that retrogression and per country limits are bad for us and the US economy as the first and the foremost of H1B issues.

    But, sometimes, some of us aren't able to reach that stage of the Green Card Queue.

    Therefore, the H1B displaced workers due to employer malice and corresponding USDL long investigations leaves many without a recourse and bitterly exposed with families to feed and fend:

    1. Some three GAO reports, two undercover, one published in NY Times on March 25, 2009 indicates that the WHD fails the complainants giving rise to apprehensions that once an employer creates problems, the H1B's USA plans are doomed, immaterial of how s/he was an integral part of the US economy.
    2. To top this, the complainant is cornered as no process exists (regulatory/statutory) to give these stuck H1Bs' an immigration status, and they cannot find new jobs either due to economy or due to employer malice and lost the job in the first place due to retaliation.
    3. Finally, when the H1B's complaint comes in the sixth visa year there is just no possibility to seek another H1B when no Green Card process is pending at the Labor Certification or its upper stages leaving a void in the H1Bs most sincere efforts to move on.

    Therefore, further, I am requesting you and others at IV to please incorporate some semblance of a support structure once an H1B is reported to have failed due to employer created problems.

    I suggest H1B SWAP Act (Skilled Workers Abuse Prevention) that will give at least an EAD and actually a pathway to LPR by having a box on form i485, once an H1B is successfully reported to the USDL to have failed.

    I trust this information will be perused and I will be available to given additional input.

    Incidentally, I am not alone as you must be aware. Hundreds and even thousands of Indian and other nationalities have had problems, that some are lucky to be able to move on and others get stuck, some even return home totally despaired. None of these individuals and there families are less valuable here.

    I am articulating this for the benefit of one and many.

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  • cbpds
    09-01 07:34 PM
    what are u acheiving out of this poll???? get back to work !!


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  • Myvisa
    05-07 05:32 PM

    My employer terminated my employment Last date of employment is May-7th. and he is keen on revoking my H1 by May-10th.

    He says, Even after withdrawing H1 you can still able to transfer H1 to other employer.

    So far i am not able to find other employer who can transfer my H1, and still in US.

    1) How many days I can stay after H1 termination

    2) Is it possible to transfer H1 after the withdrawal process initiation.

    3) How much time does INS take to withdraw the H1

    4) what possibility of rejecting my H1 if I submit my papers for H1 transfer after the revoke process initiation.

    Please let me know do I have any other options.


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  • hebron
    12-08 01:42 AM
    My wife and I are scheduled to go for fingerprinting this month. We have a year old son and obviously we are planning to take him with us as well. Do I need to take any form of ID / birth certificate of my son (obviously he is not to be fingerprinted) but not sure what the rules are with respect to carrying infants for the interview. Anyone who has fingerprinted in a similar situation?

    We took our 17 month old daughter with us. You should not have a problem with that.

    BTW, The only problem we had was that our daughter was scared of the tough looking security guy and she started crying as soon as she saw him and we had a hard time consoling her :)

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  • BondJ
    03-16 02:23 PM
    Thanks for the reply.
    1. I got my H1B extended while I am here in US. After going back to India, are there any issues in getting the visa revalidated, since an immigration petition has been filed on my behalf?
    2. Is H1-B extension based on I-140 possible when not in US?

    06-19 05:11 AM
    thanks,, but i think the visa interview dates will be closed for aug/sept by the time i receive my I797. :mad:

    02-28 01:25 AM
    Thanks for the reply roseball. My question is the new I-94 number that I got with I-797 does not match with what was given at POE but it matches with my husband's old I-94 (which is because of the error when applying).

    Is this something we need to apply for correction to match with my old I-94 number which was given at POE?

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