Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • nfinity
    02-12 01:26 PM

    Dont know if this question has been asked before, but I recently got an extension and change of employer done using AC21 to a different company. I dont have an AP and dont have the time to get one. I am travelling to India next week and am scheduling an appoitment to get an H1B stamp. Will this be an issue? Is this considered abandonment of status?

    Please let me know if someone else has been in this situation.


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  • gc28262
    03-03 06:35 PM
    Checkout this link

    The Curse Of The FNU

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  • Canadian_Dream
    04-05 02:47 PM
    I have sent an email to Franklin.

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  • BharatPremi
    07-23 11:32 PM
    If they reject the application if a signature or something is missing. Can we refile again? Or do we wait for PD to become current again.

    In my oinion,

    1) you can file again before August 17th if you got a rejection notification well before that.
    2) If you may not be able to send proper application till August 17th then yes you will have to wait till PD becomes current again


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  • frostrated
    08-30 10:15 AM
    My date will be current from September 1st. Is it okay to travel to India on a short trip while the date is current? If 485 gets approved while I am india, can I still come back on advance parole?

    You are safe. Just make sure that your AP is valid when you re-enter.
    If you are approved while out of the country, take a print out of your approval email and show it to the Immigration officer.

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-19 10:34 AM
    I totally agree with you. I hope date will move fast now since there is not enough people in 2002-2003. I hope this will be same for India and china too. Let`s hope for the best.
    On contrary most of India - China are before Aug 2003 as of results of poll now!


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  • snedle
    06-17 09:13 PM
    Only after you get your green card.

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  • freddyCR
    February 12th, 2005, 09:30 AM
    I like this other one better....


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  • amitjoey
    04-05 04:11 PM
    I did not notice this thread, I am from Sacramento, CA

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  • aristotle
    03-14 02:37 PM
    Guys I need your expertise and valuable answers on this:

    I have an approved labor and approved I-140. Based on this I've got extension for 3 more years. I have a contract-hire opportunity which requires me to be a consultant for "X" months. I know I can transfer my H1 to another company. But my question is, can I transfer my h1 again to join the client after "X" months.

    I am assuming you are already in 7th or beyond year of H1. You can transfer again if your old I140 is not revoked OR you get a new I140 approved while you are a consultant.


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  • mansour
    09-05 11:01 PM
    are you kidding me, hehe ;)

    no way!

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  • redgreen
    11-17 12:01 PM
    To my knowledge they consider the salary you were getting in the last one year to calculate UI benefits. If you are applying one year after the job loss, chances that you get anything is very low.

    Anybody who is eligible to work in US and has enough work credit can apply for unemployment insurance benefits. I think, USCIS will know about this but sending RFE to people about this is not feasible.


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  • GoneSouth
    07-27 11:02 AM
    LAMP - Calgary. Also, some financial analysts are predicting that the $CDN will actually be worth *more* than the $US by the end of 2007.

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  • indio0617
    01-30 12:15 PM
    If I have an approved labor and switch attorneys, is it mandatory for current attorney to hand over the approved labor and all relevant documents to the new attorney or can he choose NOT to give it ?

    Just wanted to run it by you guys and seek your views on it. I do know that the LC is employer's property .



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    01-25 06:29 AM
    As far as I know, he/she will be eligible only if Labor and 140 are approved or labor is pending for 365 days.

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  • Devils_Advocate
    05-07 01:10 AM
    As far as i know, the masters cap has no bearing on the educational level (bachelors/masters/PhD) of the job, as long as you've had a masters from an american university, you are eligible to use it, the RFE could be for some other reason, talk to your lawyer and figure it out.


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  • dan19
    02-14 05:23 PM
    Have anybody stamped their H1 visa in UAE?
    I heard a lot of people stamping in Canada and Mexico - but not any other countries.

    Any issues going to other countries?

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  • rolrblade
    07-31 01:46 PM

    I have a question an experts:

    Shustermann says that today ist the last day that all the employment- based-preference categories are current (exception unskilled workers). Ok, now he sasy : We recommand that Employers and their attorneys e-filing their I-140 today.

    Please explain me if thats so important to file today the I-140 becouse just today the priority date are current.
    I dont understand whats has the filing form I-140 to do with the priority Dates. Priority date is the PERM date??

    A little correction to andy's answer above.

    yes, the I-140 is also for NIW cases, but remember that your priority date is not "fixed" unless you have an approved I-140 backing up that petition.

    What Shusterman is saying is that file the I-140 today and get receipt notice (number) and then based on the priority dates being current only till today you will be able to file the I-485 before Aug 17th.

    Does this help clear your doubts! Do I qualify as the "expert" that you are looking for? :D Send me a pM if you have questions.

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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-09 12:14 PM
    Hi guys,

    My daughter is in india and she might be in india beyond 6 months. She has valid visa until next year. What is the procedure to extend stay in india? Please help. I know this is not the proper forum for US citizens. But please provide me details if somebody already done this.

    03-09 07:48 PM
    Thanks for the reply.

    Ok, here is the situation. I am the guy in this venture with all the business contacts and would have to involve in some email conversations with the clients and also visit them on an occasional basis.

    I am willing to do this without pay and also appoint someone as CEO instead of me. Can I be the Chairman of the Board, and do this kind of work.

    08-31 11:22 AM
    Any suggestion please..

    You could file a new 485 based on your approved I-140 and withdraw the old I-485. That seems to be the easiest way.

    This is not legal advice. Please consult a qualified attorney.

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