Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • psychman
    09-30 12:14 AM
    Hey Kirupa. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I will install a web server. If multiScaleImage could be part of WPF I think that would solve the problem and the possibilities could be amazing!

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  • gjoe
    12-28 07:02 AM
    My efiled EAD went to TSC. I sent my copy of my approved I140 and I485 as supporting documents. I got my biometric notice in a weeks time and in a month I got my EAD card. But I guess you need not send any supporting docs because you can give your I485 and I140 number in the online application itself.

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  • div_bell_2003
    02-02 05:43 PM
    1) I got my first H-1 on 10/01/2006 ( I-29 date). When is the latest I should renew my H-1B visa

    Earliest date to apply for a renewal - 04/01/2009
    Latest date to apply for a renewal - 09/30/2009

    2) I was a July filer and my wife is already using EAD (business). Does it make sense to renew her H-4 as well

    No it does not unless she wants to fall back on her H4 status, in my case, the lawyers only extended my H1B, my wife's on AOS pending status.

    3) I was going to apply for AP for my wife? Will I loose my H-1 if I apply AP for myself too

    No, your AP has no connection to your H1B.


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  • howzatt
    12-12 12:53 PM
    It looks like we just missed a great opportunity to post a legal immigration question on The goods news is that they will roll this out next week. So if you want to submit a question, be ready!...I will be sure to bump this thread..

    Go here and type "legal immigration" in the search questions field.

    I saw a few questions already posted about legal immigration reform. We should all register and vote for these questions(whenever they roll this out again next week). It takes less than a minute to register. All they ask for is your name, zip code and email address.

    Mods, Please discard this if this idea has already been put forward.


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  • roseball
    02-28 12:56 AM
    Is that normal to have the same I-94 number on my renewed H1B and my wife's H4 approval notices?

    Seems it is a mistake that my old I 94 is given in H4 extension application. Do I need to apply for correction? Any Lawyer / Member, please confirm. Thanks in advance.

    I-94 is what determines your legal stay in the US. Since you get an I-94 only during your entry into the US, it is normal to get the same I-94# on any subsequent extension of status applications filed within the US. Your attached I-94s on the I-797 approval notice are proof of your continuous status since your white I-94 cards might be expired. But do keep the original white I-94 cards with you as you are supposed to return them along with the new I-94s attached to I-797 notices, when you leave the country.

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  • harrydr
    04-29 10:16 PM
    Currently i have my I-140 approved an that is all i know. To be honest, PD to me means "the day my I-140 was approved". Is that true??

    My wife lives with me on H-4 and she will hopefully get an ITIN this year. Now, how i understand the system, i cannot file for I-485 petition until, the date of my I-140 approval becomes current. Please verify to help me understand this system. Thanks in advance.


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  • thomachan72
    05-17 11:10 AM
    GREEEEEAAAT NEWS. THESE ABUSERS NEEED TO BE BROUGHT INTO LIGHT. However, I feel they should increase the cap based on marked requirement. If one qualified person is recruited properly (following required advt), has the proper qualifications, and is proposed to be paid adequately----MY friends in senate and wherever--WHY SHOULD THERE BE A CAP RESTRICTING SUCH A WORKER???? Take away the cap completely and scruitinize the applications / employers more stringently. This stupid cap gives the USCIS / govt a false sence of security that everybody coming through is qualified and good. Once the cap goes, each application would be scruitinized better.

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  • gtg506p
    10-26 01:14 PM
    Yea. Thats true. I will think about it. It is possible to receive receipt in one week under normal circumstances. When I had applied for 140 (Regurlar Processing) in May before the fiasco I received receipt in 3 days.


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  • ragz4u
    03-28 09:45 AM
    Please post your responses here

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  • shobaseshadri
    01-09 01:33 PM
    My husband recently changed jobs and has not updated the transfer in his H1 visa yet. I need to travel to India. Can i travel with the existing H4 with his new I-797 and salary stubs? Or do we have to updated the visas before we can travel?



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  • crazyghoda
    01-14 05:16 PM
    May I ask Why?

    While driving back , at POE the process is simple. Always show your AP before passport and they will let you in. Never show the passport before the AP.

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  • rkotamurthy
    02-12 02:28 PM
    I organized a Conf Call for SoCal members last friday, but only Pappu (Admin/Moderator) turned-up. It was disappointing to see that few people care to participate. I did get couple of messages from folks who could not make it. I appreciate their response.


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  • sertasheep
    07-01 06:27 PM
    What is the actual text of the notice you received from USCIS? Can you reproduce that here? What does one mean by "long form"?
    Also, what is the deadline given? (Date of notice, and date by which you must respond?)
    What do you mean by "meeting for PR"? Were you required to appear for an interview in person for adjustment of status?

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  • nonimmi
    06-15 03:47 PM

    This was a GREAT week for all of us. Past three days have changed our discussion topics and we're now more concerned about doctor appointments and certificates. That is a good thing to talk about indeed. But lets not forget this battle goes on and we all need to be together in this journey. No one knows where one will be stuck!! So please continue working with IV agenda and contribute in anyways possible.

    New members, please contribute considering the help you're getting from this IV forum. Remember IV needs money to support all of us. We're using so much IV resource and its our duty that we must suport IV.

    Thanks IV.


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  • yawl
    06-15 04:06 PM
    CIR will be back soon, lots of works to do:

    Reid, McConnell Statement On Immigration Bill

    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    WASHINGTON, D.C.—Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell made the following statement today:

    “We met this evening with several of the Senators involved in the immigration bill negotiations. Based on that discussion, the immigration bill will return to the Senate floor after completion of the energy bill.”

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  • gcpain
    06-25 11:09 AM
    I was working with employer -A till 2006 and got I140 approved (June 2003 priority date) in EB3. In November 2006 I joined employer B as it is good for my carrier. I talk to employer A (body shopper) and he is ready to support for my green card as I worked for him for six long years and still he did not cancel my old H1B. My main aim here is to apply I485 as soon as I can.

    1. I have two options here my old employer (A) is body-shopper. So he will agree for both future or current employment. I have very good permanent job and bright future prospects with new employer (B). In this case what you guys advice me? Apply I485 as future employment or quit present job and join old employer (A) and apply I485 as current employment?

    2. If I do not join old employer (with whom I have I140 approved) now, in this case what are my options for I485 applying? (Only future employment I485/ I can file current employment I485 and not drawing any salary from old employer )

    3. Will I485 as future employment has any problems?

    4. Can I use AC21 after 180 days on my I485 future employment application?

    5. My new employer (B) already applied PERM LC for my GC in EB2 three months back and did not here anything from Atlanta DOL till now. What you guys advice me? Is it worthful to wait for this new EB2 LC or apply I485 as future employment with approved I140-EB3 with priority date June 2003.

    I am in really dilemma and unable to decide. Appreciate your advice in this matter. Thanks in advance to all your replies and wish you best of luck.


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  • Stan09
    03-24 02:56 AM
    Hello all,
    If my GC is approved, is my employer bound by obligation he gave to USCIS when he filed I140 petition?
    I mean, in I140 employer explicitly stated my future wage, it is 20% higher then wage I am getting from him while I am on H1B.
    Say, my GC is approved and employer refuses to raise my wage to match the amount given in I140. Is there any way to make him stick to this obligation? Like, complaining to DOL, or where else? And if I complain, can it affect validity of my GC?
    The problem is after GC I have to stay with this employer for another 6 months to avoid possible complications in future applying for citizenship. If I just quit and take another job - that will make a possible problem in the future; but if he lays me off, then I am fine. But he does not want to lay me off, and does not want to keep his promise. Any ideas?

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  • Ectheo
    05-09 06:13 PM
    Alright, I'll change it. I'm gonna try and find a fancy Calligraphy font...Think that would look nice?

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  • mzk
    04-07 11:34 AM
    EB2 ROW is usually current - if you qualify for it, it would be faster as compared to EB3 ROW.

    06-14 08:02 PM
    I believe the maximum time frame for an MTR is close to 6 months, but a lot of times it gets resolved sooner, with intervention from other agencies/groups.

    You should look at this thread, and get in touch with IV (I believe you can do that via that thread), they might (read will) be able to help.

    Good luck.

    Bilal Ahmed
    06-19 03:55 AM
    congrats dev..

    what was your recepit date by the way ?

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